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Ex-boyfriend still want to sleep with me?

A couple of months ago me and my boyfriend broke up. But we remained friends. Since we're co-workers we see each other almost everyday. A couple of... Show More

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  • I agree with sexwiseman.

    Also, not only going after a FWB, but you already know some (probably not all) of the kinky stuff that he likes,... and it usually takes a few times with a new girl to be able to ask for crazy stuff. I mean you can't really ask a girl to dress up like Hillary Clinton while you soak in a tub of jello the first time that you have sex (this isn't my fantasy,... I am more into,.. no never mind,... I just wanted to illustrate a point), she would think that you were weird and leave.

    So it's probably also, comfortable, no bars sex. He also might feel like he can try things with you now that he wouldn't have before since it's not like you will leave him.

    If you are not into a FWB situation, then let him know, otherwise, feel free to experiment.

    Just make sure that you are each clear, and honest about if either of you sleep with anyone else since you don't want to expose yourselves to any STDs.

What Guys Said 3

  • To tell you the truth when us guys break up a girlfriend and don't want to get back with her we will still sleep with her, why not, you both know each other your not dating anyone else, your not together anymore, it's a lot easier to sleep with an ex than a complete stranger. I sleep with my ex all the time, doesn't mean I want to be with her again just means that I wanted sex, you basically have become a friend with benefits.

  • Most likely he considers you to be a friend with benefits...since you said you had no feelings for him, then I'm guessing he is thinking sleeping with you is safe as nobody would get hurt. He gets his fix, and you get yours...and you all go home happy afterwards.

    Next time he asks if you want to hang out, you can flatly ask him, Would you like to have a friend with benefits relationship? And I'm sure he will say yes...of course, you can say, well, that's good, because I don't or great, lets do it :)

What Girls Said 3

  • HELLO! it's JUST SeX! stop it NOW!

  • It could just be that you're safe for him and you're who he has comfortable sex with. He openly said he had no more feelings for you therefore unless you really really like his sex and are fine with this... He is using you as a definite lay that he knows will be good for him until either he finds someone else to be with, gets bored with the hotel meet up, or until you end it. Good luck!

  • may be ur ex still misses you and da way you two had sex before you guys broke up.. maybe his gurlfriend doesn't give gewd sex the way you used to give it to him . I think he still misses that gewd sex with you.. but you gotta ask him y do you want to sleep with me ... or what does he want out of t his... or you want to be fwb

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