He has to choose between his ex-girlfriend and me, any ideas?

Recently, there is a guy that I have been really close to, and we were heaps good friends. He was in a relationship of 2 years, and only just broke up a little while ago. They broke up because they fought quite a lot, and I guess the spark just wasn't there anymore. Although sometimes, the fights were about me.

Me and his ex were also really close, and so when I used to talk to him, she'd get very annoyed.

Anyway, so they broke up, and before they did, him and I confessed our feelings towards each other. This progressed and we kissed a few times.

Until not so long ago, when him and her went to their year 12 formal together, they kissed, and so now he doesn't know who to chose between.

He isn't a sleaze, not at all, but he has said that part of him wants to mend their relationship, and I figure it's because their relationship went for 2 years, and it just ended. But I'm not really sure what to think or do.

Any ideas?

Actually, they aren't together, they only kissed.

And it turns out, the ex-girlfriend just kissed another guy.

Now the guy I like wants to beat up the other guy because of it...


Most Helpful Girl

  • You know I almost have had the same problem.. My guy didn't date her but they were together when ever they got the chance.. Anyways she is still after him and told me in my face she still loves him and I must not take him away from her - THEY ONLY FRIENDS - stupid I know..

    I told him to chose and HE CHOSE ME, only problem is we or I can't get rid of her cause she hangs with his friends... she made sure she got into their group.. but.. I trust him but I don't trust her, and believe me she's been around by a few guys even kissed two of his cousins, jolling around, doing drugs, drinking, being with a married man.. I don't understand a few people look past that.. but I will be so ashamed for doing that..