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My ex sent me a message on Facebook... does he want back?

My ex sent me a message saying this. I'm not sure what to think.. I do like you. I won’t go as far as to say that I loved you, but I did really really like you a lot and you were a lot of fun to be around and actually kinda miss ya a little bit. Hope all is well! Whether the black guy that you were with at the concert is your boyfriend or not (which its non of my business), but I wish you two the best of luck. What do I take from that? Does he like me? Want to get back together? I had asked him in previous messages why he was talking to me and that's what he said. I wanna take him back. I miss him so much you have no idea.

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  • try asking him.i mean the worst he can say is no.but if he says yes then tell him what you think.it seems like he really cares about you.so give it another shot