Ex boyfriends always come back?

Every boyfriend I've had has come back two months- two years later, and by that time I'm over it and have moved on. Why do they always come back? What is it that goes through their head?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys hate losing investments. Women are expensive. After we put hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and man-hours into something it is hard to walk away and just let it go. For women it really isn't this way. For them it is a seamless transition from one suitor to another at a leisurely pace or at whatever pace they choose depending on how attractive they are. To women the average male persona is a bit pathetic. To them the heterosexual male is just too easy. Women, especially the attractive ones, have been getting hit on by older more experienced men since they were 11 or 12. Men are no longer much of a mystery. We want sex, food, and money. This is why gay men fascinate so many women. They seem to relate to them in such a way that ignites that long lost sense of wonderment and intrigue about men that left them so long ago. What it really is is that gay men and women want the same thing, men. They want them for the same reasons.

    Before I completely go off subject and confuse you, I will veer back on course and tell you why men seem to have the boomerang effect in relationships. We rarely share our feelings. When we share our feelings with a woman she becomes that release. We think that woman is now special. She isn't. Women make us think they are special and they are caring but they aren't. Mostly they think they are doing us a favor for making us understand our feelings, which really just means making us tell them how we feel.

    Because women spew emotional vomit about everything you would think men would realize their girlfriend is pretty careless and insensitive of others feelings. Most of them are so self-absorbed and self-centered that they never consider anyone else's viewpoint unless they are being paid, even then though, they just want to feel good about themselves, which is their driving force anyway.

    Men are stupid for going back with a woman that doesn't want them. Women already have a disfavor and mild hatred for all men already. To go back to a woman that knows your weaknesses and which buttons to push to set you off is moronic. Women are predators and society makes them more and more emotionless each generation. When you look up the definition of sociopath and truly understand what it means to be one, you can start to identify them more easily. Most that I encounter are women.

    Guys go back to women that hate them because women raised us telling us how horrible men are. The school system made us feminine versions of our natural selves and now women want to know why men can't suck it up and move on. For the same reasons women of the past suffered from the effects of institutionalized sexism men of today now suffer the same fate. Men are being molded into weaklings. Women are being molded into men. When I put it like this women go, "Oh well if that is the reason why men are such wusses these days, I guess its OK."

    If you were able to follow this all the way through and didn't just get more upset and quit reading, good.