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My wife thinks I'm cheating with a co-worker?

There's this female co-worker that flirt with me all the time. She doesn't know that I'm married. I do like the attention. I tell her that to back... Show More

I been trying to make it up to my wife. By taking her out, sending her flowers at her work. I took the day off just to spend time with her and and she still says she can't trust me. I did talk to my boss about it and we to need act more
but she still flirts with me. How can I gain her trust back?
professional but she still flirts with me. How can I gain her trust back?

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  • Is it considered cheating when you flirt? I don't think so, but the fact that you withheld your married status from your co worker makes me wonder what your intentions might have been. If your wife had been cheated on before, she is going to be extra sensitive about any relationship you have with another woman, something I'm sure you were aware of. Though I don't think you are guilty of cheating, I do think you are guilty of being dishonest. You need to admit your mistakes to your wife and apologize profusely. Though there is a part of me that understands why you would enjoy the flirtations of another woman, I don't understand why you would be untruthful about being married.

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  • Tell her if she doesn't stop bothering her you will file for sexual harrassment but before that go to your boss and tell her a female employee is botheirng you... (because she might turn it around and make it look like YOU are the one who is sexually harrassing her)

  • Maybe I'm suspicious, but to me it sounds like you WERE cheating, even though appparently it hadn't gone very far yet.

    Try to be patient with her and treat her respectfully since she probably won't come down from the ceiling for quite a while. When she will listen you can tell her it was harmless flirtation.at least from what you tell us it was!

    But she's right not to trust you. I mean, what's with not telling women you're married? No excuse for that!

  • the woman you work with must be an office slut.tell her your married.sure you love the attention but think of your wife? you are married.your not a little boy.unless you love the thrill of all of this.seems to me you'll be cheating soon.it all starts off with innocent flirting.

    would you like your wife to be doing this to you? how would it make you feel if she was flirting with her boss or something? stop being slefish

What Guys Said 5

  • Be cool, let it blow over. You screwed up, so you're going to be in the dog house for a while. But there should be no damage done of you get your act together.

    P.S.: Flirting at work when your wife has trust issues=BAD IDEA.

  • She caught you cheating. It's not any more complicated than that. It will be a long time before she trusts you again.

    Especially a work flirtation. Even in my worst days I always told everyone at work I was married.

    Sure, I still flirted, but it was always with the understanding it was all in fun, not meant to be serious.

    I don't think anything but time and a lot of attention from you will help. After a while you can explain to her that it never went anywhere.at least that's what I'm understanding , that you were only having lunch with this woman because you forgot yours.Hopefully you weren't DOING anything!

  • tell your co-worker that your married so that she will stop. talk to your wife, because you brought back old feelings she had when it happened the frist time, clear things up before its too late.

  • Tell your co-worker to back off. You are not firm enough and that is why she is still co ming back to you. Why would you allow one strange woman to ruin your marriage? Isn't your wife more important than any other woman you see? Never allow your wife go through any kind of emotional hur again, just try to settle things with her and let her know the whole story.

    I want you to read Proverbs 5 and 6 from the Bible.

  • Anser one question honestly to yourself. Would you hook-up with this co-worker if you had the chance? If the answer is no, then there's no worries. If it's yes, then there's a problem and your wife has every right to be suspicious.

    Your wife is fearful of you cheating on her. Your duty to her to belay those fears any way you can; even to point of asking your co-worker to back off.

    How does your wife know that your co-worker flirts with you so much? There's something else here.

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