My wife thinks I'm cheating with a co-worker?

There's this female co-worker that flirt with me all the time. She doesn't know that I'm married. I do like the attention. I tell her that to back off a lot. My co-worker flirting with me again. Then my wife (who doesn't about my co-worker) randomly show up (I forget my lunch that day) caught us. She didn't really say much until I got home she say that she can't trust me anymore. She make me sleep in the guest room. And hasn't really talked to me a bit. Also she been cheated on before with her ex-husband. Any tips.

I been trying to make it up to my wife. By taking her out, sending her flowers at her work. I took the day off just to spend time with her and and she still says she can't trust me. I did talk to my boss about it and we to need act more
but she still flirts with me. How can I gain her trust back?
professional but she still flirts with me. How can I gain her trust back?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Is it considered cheating when you flirt? I don't think so, but the fact that you withheld your married status from your co worker makes me wonder what your intentions might have been. If your wife had been cheated on before, she is going to be extra sensitive about any relationship you have with another woman, something I'm sure you were aware of. Though I don't think you are guilty of cheating, I do think you are guilty of being dishonest. You need to admit your mistakes to your wife and apologize profusely. Though there is a part of me that understands why you would enjoy the flirtations of another woman, I don't understand why you would be untruthful about being married.