What if you don't remember your ex-manager's last name?

I'm applying for a few jobs, and of course they ask for references. However, I don't remember my ex-manager's last name or any of the other supervisors' last names. We would just call them by their first names...

I left the job a little over a year ago, so it's not something fresh in my mind. Do I make up a fake last name?

I tried to move on without providing the manager's last name [ it's an app for Petsmart ], and it wouldn't let me continue.
Wow. So I found out he doesn't even work there anymore ! lol
I ened up calling the store and had to use another manager's name...whom I didn't really like...so we'll see how this goes >_> Thanks for your answers everyone !


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  • i had this problem too. luckily my old boss's name was on the internet when I googled it :-p

    if they aren't online, can you call an old co worker? go back and look @ the schedule/call list? or you might just have to call them and ask them flat out :-/

    find out though, don't make one up!

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      I'm gonna ask a few ex-co workers first...and if that fails, then I'm gonna have to go into the store... :[ We didn't end on bad terms; it's just that I really want to avoid seeing them lol

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      Good idea, I know what you mean lol