Guys, do you ever think about ex girlfriends (especially if you loved her while you were together)?

Guys, do you ever think about ex girlfriends (especially if you loved her while you were together)? From a girl's point of view, I can say for sure that I think about ex boyfriends from time to time. The more recent the relationship, the more I think about them. My last boyfriend and I fell in love, and I think about him all the time, but I always wonder if he thinks about me too. So guys, how often do you think about past girlfriends?


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  • I think of mine quite often, mostly because no one was really at fault for the breakup. No reason to be mad or upset. We had reached a fork in the road where we had different paths we needed to take. We cared about each other very much and had been through some pretty rough times, but there were some things we both needed to do and figure out before continuing. So we went our separate ways and maybe someday we'll be together again. I know that until that day comes she'll be on my mind and in my heart, hoping that she is happy and that she is well.

    • That's really sweet. It sounds a lot like why my last relationship ended. I feel the same way about my guy. I will always hope that he's happy, and I hope that we can be together sometime. It's good to know that a guy can feel that way. I hope my guy is thinking a lot like you right now.

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    • That's a really healthy stance you've taken. You seem cool, calm, and collected. You're not in a rush to push him out and move on, but you are letting life happen. Very mature approach. Congrats, you are stronger than most.

    • Thanks, it's taken a while to get back to a good place.

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  • Also thibk about them as if they were still present. I don't have any regrets about any of them. Would marry them all if it were legal.

  • I would have to agree with you.

    I think if anyone has ever been truly, madly, deeply in love. They will always think about that person from time to time. Wonder how they are doing, wondering if they are thinking about them, do they miss me like I miss them. That sorta thing

    • Thanks. Good to know. :)

    • Anytime =)

    • I know this is an older thread but as someone who was dumped, I was wondering the exact same thing :) I know he's not going to forget that I exist and hopefully he thinks of me from time to time but do you ever forget the details? Like the jokes you shared together and the things you did and laughed about? Or do you basically just sort of remember 'oh her - I wonder how she's doing?' and then that's it? ... but even if you think about her, it doesn't mean you miss her or want her back, rite?

  • Yes, I think about past girlfriends. Some more often than others, and with varying feelings.

    I was with my first girlfriend for a long time, and this was a long time ago. I remember the good times and the love between us. I remember the years when she was my best friend. I also remember the increasing fights. I remember her cheating. It is quite a mixed bag.

    I also think about my wife who died six years ago - every day. I have a wonderful new partner and the love between us is deep. I also remember and miss my wonderful wife. Both sets of feelings are true.

    • I'm so sorry about your wife. I'm glad you've found happiness again. Thanks for answering. I've been curious if my ex thinks about me, and he kind of answered my question. He contacted me the other day, but I didn't give him much time. He crushed my heart. I hope I'll find happiness again.

  • I don't think a day goes by when I don't think of her. As time goes by it slowly, and I mean very slowly, starts dissipating. Eventually, it'll come to a point where I don't think of her as much but I will definitely never forget her.

    • That's really sweet. Thanks for answering. I know EXACTLY what you're feeling because I feel that way about my guy. It's good to hear from guys who don't act like they're "allergic" to emotion, though. :) haha.

      It gives me hope that he still loves me and thinks about me on some level. It's only been a month, so I'm guessing he does.

    • Yeah well I know what I felt and I know it won't be going away for a long time, and there's no need to act like I'm "allergic" to that. As for your guy, if it's only been a month then it's illogical to think there's no residue sentiment; whether or not it matters is another thing.

  • All the time :/

  • yes. still remember my first real girl friend (I married her)

  • All the time. She was a whore and a total slut.

    would do it anytime with anyone .

    And what makes it worse, was I never got past 2nd base cause I knew she was a total slut, (and she hated comdoms).

    I'm sure glad I passed on that dumb pregenant slut. (but she a good memory for the spank bank).

  • yeah I think about past girlfriends but I definitely don't miss them. its the same with anyone you ever knew, you think about things you did together or things they said


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