What does a guy mean if he wants a break and just figure things that have been bothering him lately?

I'm dating this guy for over 3 months now. For over a week he felt so cold and distant. I kept on asking him what's going on and if everything's okay. he just kept on telling me that we're perfect and that everything's okay. All of a sudden I got a text message from him saying that he needs a break and figure things that have been bothering him lately. so basically he was breaking up with me. like I don't know what's going on. It feels so unfair that he hasn't talked to me about what he's feeling and obviously he was shutting me out. Its so unfair that we both came to this point that we have to break up without even trying and making things work. and I'm hurting so much because I don't know the real reason why he broke up with me.


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  • He didn't break up with you, translated, he said he needs some time alone to, as he said, figure things out. Kickrockslosers' questions were good, take those into consideration but give him some time.

    If I were to tell my Girlfriend that I needed some time to myself and didn't tell her why, it's not because I didn't trust her or not want her input or anything like that, it's that it was a big enough burden that I didn't want to lay any of its weight on her and I felt it was something I had to work out myself. Eventually he'll be ready to talk to you about it, but give it time.

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      Now... this got me thinking... did he really broke up with me?? like.. I wanna talk to him and ask him a lot of questions but I guess he's not ready to talk yet.... I just don't know if he wants a break but he still wants us together or he wants a break from me totally? ....i don't know....

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      He said take a break, not break up. One option is to send him a text that says that you're worried about him and he can talk to you when he's ready. After that leave him alone and let him come to you.