Why is my ex acting so cruel?

my ex girlfriend left me for another guy even though she said she didn't. She said that before we broke up she hung out with him and it made her realize what she wanted. After are break up they hung out and hooked up. He moved away to another state but will be back in like 3 months. I heard from mutual friends that she plans on visiting him. None of our mutual friends think she has a future with this guy but she says that if someone else comes along she will be with that person, but at the moment she likes this guy. However, if she likes him still why has she texted me asking if I wanted to come to the bar with her? Is she that insecure that she still is desperately trying to get my attention even though she has feelings for this other guy she left me for? She is the type of girl that likes to be chased and I have definitely stopped chasing her and giving her any kind of attention. I don't text her at all and haven't seen her since the breakup. But why is she texting me and wanting to hang out if she likes this other guy? Is she just that cruel or what?


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  • Good for you buddy, consider yourself lucky! Your ex-girlfriend did you a favor, by unfortunately, leaving you for someone else, she saved you from any further misery that she would have put you through...She is insecure, and she doesn't seem to know what she wants. She seems as though, she may have had repressed feelings and anxiety for some while, and is now deciding to act them out, but in a not so seemingly constructive way. Stay away from her, because she is a heart-breaker, and doesn't want a good guy, like you. She wants unavailable, bad boys, or jerks who will only treat her like the piece of crap she is so deserving of, and have earned. Women like those, get what's coming to them in the end, especially If they don't change, the good guys stop showing up, and sometimes the bad boys don't even want them, which is why bad girls always try to mess with good men who will take care of them, although they don't deserve it., The good men become tired of the games, and are ready for the love they deserve, and those women, will regret their behavior, because they will almost no longer have a good guy who will take care of them. Don't allow her to turn you bad, and then make the remaining good ladies out here pay for her sh*t. Just keep ignoring her, she is bad news man, and you deserve better, and the best, and she is not it! Thanks!Jamaica Outtttttttt

    • Don't settle, as in don't just date anybody, or feel that the best you can ever hope for in a person is the worst. Please recognize your self-worth. Confidence is sexy as I have mentioned countless times before on this site. Men love confident women, just like women love confident men. Believe in your own abilities, so that the next woman can, and will take you seriously. At the end of the day it's a respect thing. Start standing up for yourself, and you'll notice a difference.

    • Thank you.what do you mean settle?

    • Now don't go and beat yourself up and get all freaky on me now. Sometimes, we can do everything right in a relationship, and it still not be enough for that person, and though it hurts, it's okay. Every woman you meet and date, doesn't have to be the one. There can only be one, so never feel obligated to any one woman, or that she owes you, because she doesn't. She is human just like you, although your last girl, was pretty wicked...Never settle just like women don't have to settle!

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  • Is she that insecure that she still is deperately trying to get my attention even though she has feelings for this other guy she left me for? She's not insecure she's just running a gameBut why is she texting me and wanting to hang out if she likes this other guy?Boredom or she wants a fwbIs she just that cruel or what? If you've stopped chasing her how is she cruel? Over sensitive much?

    • Not all games come from insecurity it could be boredom, curiosity, bitterness, tons of reasons.Funny how gamer girls = insecurity.

    • ya, the game stems from insecurity. ignore this girl, she's crazy.

    • I wouldn't stay away I'd get the fwb.You seem pretty over her just upset that she's with another guy.

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