Have most women cheated?

If you define cheating as having sex with another person in a relationship, kissing someone else while you're dating or dating another person while you're in a committed relationship?


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  • I have never cheated and never will. I have self-respect.

    • thats good you don't cheat (neither do i) but I'm not sure it denotes self-respect...

    • It does. I don't cheat, not because I love my S.O, but because I won't accept doing this. It would hurt my ego. That's just me :)

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  • I don't know. I've once kissed another guy whilst being in a relationship and I felt so bad. But good thing, cause the guy was a total noob and we went out for 4 months and he didn't even hold my hand. Epic fail. But in general I can't speak for other girls.

  • I can honestly say no for all of the above. It's also the same for all of my close friends.

  • Most of my girls have cheated on their guys.

    All if you count being with a girl cheating.

    • LMAO

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    • It's always been an understood among people I know that gay men are the world's biggest sluts, so I wondered if that's also true for lesbian or bisexual women lol

    • Trend that and a lot of men don't consider it cheating they can get away with it

  • I've cheated but the guy was a douche and each time I tried to break up with him he would threaten to kill himself sheesh

  • I have not cheated and never will.

  • Considering I have only met about 0.00000001% of the population, I can't say anything about MOST women, but I do know that none of my good friends have cheated and neither have I.

  • Kissing someone else while you're dating?

    What if we where never exclusive? - meaning we could see other people...

    And no, I never cheated.

  • i never have and never will

  • Idk most women so I can't say. And that'd not how I define cheating. Some partners don't mind you being with other people and some people are in open relationships but romantically committed and some are committed to multiple people in polyamorous relationships


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  • Most of the ones I know have.

  • I would say all girls have cheated and ways. To me cheating is sex, oral, kissing, touching, flirting

  • It's mainly a phenomen of white women, feminism turned them into sluts who love to hurt men. Many women love to cheat, than there are women who have a boyfriend who don't care for her etc. I read some polls, which stated that 50-60% of women cheated, more than men. But I bet if women would approach a guy, most men would cheat. Most men are to lazy to cheat. 75% of the women who cheated did't feel bad afterward. On the other side over 50% of the men who cheated felt bad afterward. I also read 20% of children are cuckold kids, women are bad. I can't count the stories of some friends who had sex with a girl who had a boyfriend and made fun of the boyfriend.

    • How is cheating a result of feminism?

      So before when men cheated were they sluts who loved to hurt men? Since they still cheat are they sluts?

      Study wise 60% men & 40% women cheat.

      If you count the fact that some could be lying 80% men & 60% women cheat.

      10% of children are not the husband's kids.

      Funny how guys overlook the percentage of men who get the women they cheat on with pregnant.

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    • How does your friend sleeping with married reason because of feminism?

      I could understand if you argued that feminism allowed women to not have to rely on men for their livelihood so now they can follow their urges like men do but your point is feminism made them sluts who loved to hurt men.

      Missed my other question: So before when men cheated were they sluts who loved to hurt men? Since they still cheat are they sluts?

      Seems you're sadden by the fact women are people & people cheat.

    • Feminism allowed women to be less socially restricted with more opportunity to cheat, less concerned about losing the financial support of a man because she will have her own job and less likely to be judged for it socially.

  • girls cheat on guys with girls watch out. bffs are guys enemies.