Ex boyfriend keeps bringing up the past?

It's been a year since we broke up and he already has a girlfriend. We're still good friends. We talk, we joke, we laugh just like normal friends. However, he still brings up things from our past relationship and says things like "Remember this?" or "This brings back old memories." Why does he do that? He already has a girlfriend and they're doing pretty well. I'm just wondering why he would bring up things that he really shouldn't. I'm currently not dating anyone.


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  • I mean do you still love him, cause I mean if you do or not that's how I can give you a clear answer

    • no not really, she will be that side line girl, plan B , no need to stay around as a friend, if he wants to get back with her he will just call

    • if she wants to get back with him in the future then talking to him is a good idea?

    • but yea like I said, your only delaying your self from removing contact for good, what you should do is ask your self do you really wanna get back with him in the furture, maybe he changed or something, tell your self that, and if you don't want to then you got to pull the plug for good,

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  • He does that as a "psychological trick". By that I mean that he's trying to make you think of all the good times you had with him because he probably still really cares about you. He's probably secretly crushing on you still but tries to cover it up with "contentment". But don't fall for it he's just trying to make you want him again. Just an observation I could be wrong.

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