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Confusing Ex Boyfriend Behavior... Help!

My ex broke up with me because he didn't have feelings for me anymore and just wanted to be friends. A few weeks ago I said I needed time to heal (I... Show More

So he asked me if I was going to visit him, but then kept saying things like 'i don't know if it's a good idea' and he doesn't want me to fall back and to only come if it won't be a disadvantage to me.
I figured if he asked me again to go, then he really wanted me to be there instead of some impulsive want to have sex. He said he invited me so I wouldn't be alone. ?

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  • He sounds very possessive, maybe even if he isn't into casual sex he might still be missing sex and the thought you might be having sex or seeing someone else is making him jealous.

    Chances are if you do go back you may well end up having sex especially if he hasn't been getting any. Personally I wouldn't go back unless he repents and tells you he made a BIG mistake and he loves you (unlikely by the sounds of things). If he is getting mad at you its not really a good basis for any sort of relationship, you know .

    Even if he did want to go back out with you, do you really want to be going back with someone who is so dismissive of your feelings or unsure of his own?

    • He was never like this until I told him I need space. He is usually a caring person who genuinely wanted the best for me. Now he is acting like a desperate chick. I even see on his facebook profile that he is using old photos I took of him when we were together so I get the feeling he is looking at old pictures. I am so confused... and I think he is too.

    • I think this is how he truly is.. sorry if I offended you but it's just my opinion..

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  • Come on missy, if he really doesn't want you to be alone, why are you the one who has to come visit him instead of him visitting you and be there for you?

    • He has uni classes and I have the week off

  • Ignore him, I got a feeling that he just wants sex from you. You still need time to heal right? So, if he really wants to be friends, he will understand that you need time to forget about him. Until you completely fine, then you can be friends again for now just work on yourself.

    • Why is he asking if I had sex with anyone else? I mean if he just wants to be friends and has no feelings for me it shouldn't matter to him.

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    • I also told him I still needed to do some things for me and wasn't going to come online for the rest of the week. Then I said goodnight, and he said 'come online, or I will tell your friends to tell you to come online'. Why does he even care if I am online or not?

    • I am not sure about that, but one thing I know that this guy is playing mind games with you.

  • Alright, it doesn't sound like he really wants to be back with you right now. If he did, then he'd just say that instead of asking you over and not telling you why. He might just be wanting sex. I'm not sure. Sounds to me like he's very conflicted and is asking you over without really thinking about it. I'd tell him no, but that he needs to think about what he's trying to accomplish here and while he's doing that, figure out what it is that you want as well.

  • sounds like he wants you to be friends with him. if he wasn't like a jerk or anything when you guys broke up, I don't think there is any problem. if he says something obvious like 'let me make it up to etc you get the idea'-then yeah he may want to be more than friends

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