Just found out ex boyfriend is getting married 6 months after our break up. How to cope?

He walks out on me after we had a few arguments. In December.

Find out he gets a new girlfriend 3 months after our split up. Get a text two weeks after saying he loves me and wants me back. I ignore that at first. The a few weeks later I cave and confront him about it. He later denies it.

Find out today. 6 months later he is engaged to her. .

I honestly do not get it. I lived with this guy last year. Full on supported him financially and everything. I was never horrible to him or nagged or pushed or I never got a proposal. I got shat on in return after a few arguments.

After I spoke up for myself when I was not happy about a couple of things. He could not handle it. Now he is getting married? Things are gonna be great for them after the Honeymoon period is over and they start fighting. All couples do it.

Not unless she does not speak English. Saw on Facebook she looks fully Asian. Not attractive at all either. LoL.


Most Helpful Guy

  • well if he is getting marred ill bet he was dating her as he was living with you and you supported him I hate to say this but I think you got played by this guy. now that is he is getting marred you are the one is better off in this case he is a loser and you are the winner here. because this way you can find a guy that real love you and not just for you money and that is what this guy was doing. I know it hearts but you will get over this and find some one new. there a lot of fish in the sea out there and a real lot of nice guy