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Just found out ex boyfriend is getting married 6 months after our break up. How to cope?

He walks out on me after we had a few arguments. In December. Find out he gets a new girlfriend 3 months after our split up. Get a text two weeks... Show More

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  • well if he is getting marred ill bet he was dating her as he was living with you and you supported him I hate to say this but I think you got played by this guy. now that is he is getting marred you are the one is better off in this case he is a loser and you are the winner here. because this way you can find a guy that real love you and not just for you money and that is what this guy was doing. I know it hearts but you will get over this and find some one new. there a lot of fish in the sea out there and a real lot of nice guy

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  • Marriage is a big think and it is done by the wrong reasons all the time. I know it is hard but what's best is to wish him happiness and live your life. I think that he's desperate to feel some authority/power... and he has with that chick in an embarrassing way. It seems he is not good for you. However I can feel for you and it doesn't stop hurting. Feed your spirit with calmness, keep working out in the gym and eat well. Staying healthy is the first step to get over it.

  • THink Hey I'm way hotter then that bitch! lol and go out there with some friends hang out try to find another guy because he sounds like an ass and doesn't desrve you. So yo should allways tell your self that he's an a**hole I'm better off without him and smile and move on because if you think negative you'll just stay sad. Later you can laugh and be like haaa I allmost threw my life away to him.

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  • Just forget about him. Move on and be happy you got rid of that loser .

  • Gosh, I'm so sorry about that. This happened to me too but it was a year after we had split I found out he married someone he knew for only 5 months and we were together for 4 years. He was a great guy and I fell in love with him, but towards the end of our relationship he felt I was not marriage material. I bottled the pain up inside for a while and had too much pride to show that it had affected me but that hurt me in the end because it didn't allow me to grow and learn. One thing that helped me cope was talking it out with friends and family, they told me that it was for the best because of various reasons. We obviously were not meant to be and even though he was a great guy I realized that I deserved better than what I was settling for. Another thing that helped was something I had read online somewhere, I think it was here, one guy had said that men who do that show a very weak character flaw. I wish I could remember what it said but I can't, but anyway it just re-assured my feelings that he was not the right guy for me. Let me tell you honestly, from what I read on your post it seems like you deserve way better. Take this time to grow and realize that a man who doesn't know how to support himself is not worth it. Never be a doormat.

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