Just found out ex boyfriend is getting married 6 months after our break up. How to cope?

He walks out on me after we had a few arguments. In December. Find out he gets a new girlfriend 3 months after our split up. Get a text two weeks after saying he loves me and wants me back. I ignore that at first. The a few weeks later I cave and confront him about it. He later denies it. Find... Show More

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  • well if he is getting marred ill bet he was dating her as he was living with you and you supported him I hate to say this but I think you got played by this guy. now that is he is getting marred you are the one is better off in this case he is a loser and you are the winner here. because this way you can find a guy that real love you and not just for you money and that is what this guy was doing. I know it hearts but you will get over this and find some one new. there a lot of fish in the sea out there and a real lot of nice guy