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What signs tell your girlfriend a nymph?

My girl and I been together a little over 3months three weeks ago we somewhat broke up over my porn of my ex-girls that she wanted me to erase them I... Show More

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  • Huh? Are you really between 36 and 45? This sounds like a much younger guy.

  • DUDE. WHY DO You HAVE EX GIRLFREIND PORN. you shoulda erased it a long ass time ago if you cared for her. I'm sure you would mind if she had it. but she proabbly doesn't that's why you don't care. I don't know how serious she is about you . but if my boyfriend was acting life that . not letting go of the past. then I would totally liek dump his ass (not go to her extreme) but I'm sure I would feel bad enough to do crazy stuff.

    erase it and make sure she feels like shit for what she did.

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