Why do people get SCARED if being told someone is in love with them?

People are always saying how you can scare someone away by telling them how you feel.

i don't tel people how I feel- but not because I'm afraid they will reject me. I just do not feel dignified talking about my feelings. BUT I certainly a not afraid to. & I would not be afraid if someone told me how they felt. guess someones feeling is a tremendous desire to rape you or chop of your d***--why is it scary?

I do not understand why this is 'scary/ I never get scared when someone tells me they have feelings for me, when I know I don't like them.

i feel a bit bad, I can not return their feelings, but I certainly don't shake with fear & run for the hills.

i stay friends & try to be sensitive to the fact they are feeling vulnerable. I ride out the awkwardness till things go back to normal.

i know it is immature cowardly to just disappear when someone tellyou how they feel. I want to know WHY people get scared- NOT what t says about their character.