Do men feel the same way during a break up?!?!?!

I'm sorry but I have to ask? Do men hurt during a break up like women?! I mean a long-term relationship? for any situation. (well I don't wanna say cheating because we all kno how that is) What about also as time goes by. does it just fade away?


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  • How could there be no pain during a break up? We are human beings too, but we are the masters of covering our feelings. I guess God made us what we are. I suppose that is the reason why it's hard for a man to open up during a break up, I suppose that could also be the reason why some men turn to drugs, alcohol, and endless playing of vgames. To temporarily cover up the pain that is inside of them. But this is all irrelevent if the love was never there in the first place. God Bless. =)


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  • It depends on the guy and how bad the breakup was, but yes, guys DO feel bad.

  • Yes. We suffer just as much but in less obvious ways. I think it takes us much longer to move on completely.

    Honestly, I think it fades but never all the way away. For me, it's like having a scar. It's always there, constant reminder ,but you don't always notice it . and after awhile you just deal with it being a part of you and accept that the injury was long ago and has no relevance to the present.

    • Is this true even if it was a mutual break up or if he initiated it but it was on good terms?

    • Not always. When I have had another waiting in the wings, I have had the feeling of less/no pain since I am now focused on someone new, for example. Usually, you miss something though. Often, as well, you get buyers fremorse and later on miss things about your old gf.

  • it depends on how sentimental the guy is.guys hurt as much as girls too I don't know why people have that common misconception abt guys.maybe its because we dun display it too obviously.but guys are people too.definitely they'll hurt

  • Yes, we have feelings too!

  • If the guy loves the girl and cares about her, he'll definitely be hurt. The phrase that "time heals all" is correct, however.

  • If you cared about someone, it would be painful at first. Over time, you probably will recover though. There's a reason for the break up after all.

  • Wow, I'm surprised I ran into a question like this one.

    Yeah, we guys feel hurt after a break-up!

    I'm speaking from experience!

    I'm still trying to cope up from my last break-up, which is actually my first one. It happened last year on December 20. Think about how painful it is. Almost Christmas and then the girl just breaks up with you. The timing was just so wrong, it left me hurt badly until now. And I still dream and think of her every time.

    See how much this affects a guy?

    But still, we don't show it much out in the open.

    We just hide our feelings or tell them to trusted people.

    That's another reason why it takes longer for us to get over a break-up.

    Hopefully though, I'll get over soon.

    But still, when you love someone so much, how could you possibly get over her?

    • Thank you for being so open! As sad as this is going to sound you brought a tear to my eye. Me and the man that I love have been apart for about 4 months and its still eating at me. 'But still, when you love someone so much, how could you possibly get over her?' That's the same thing I would love to know!! Famious questions does he/she still think about me, love me, or miss me?.. I really wish you the best, and I really do understand thank you for the comment!

    • You are most certainly welcome! And thanks for the comment too!

  • Yeah, it does hurt. But as stated, time will heal


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  • I believe men hurt worse if they really care about a woman. I think everyone has a healthy dose of baggage that they take with them. The baggage is the thing that makes you not want to see another person and run like HELL away from relationships. I think men run away a lot more than women. Also, I think it takes men longer to get over women and I know that the feelings fade in time. Hopefully there are enough good relationships in between, that way you don't concentrate on a negative experience so much.

  • If a guy was truly in love with you he is definitely hurting and will never get over it completely. Guys usually do not take the appropriate steps following a breakup to heal, like crying, talking about it, learning from their mistakes, etc. Instead they keep their emotions bottled up inside and quickly try to replace you with the next warm body they can find. Because of that, they do not successfuly go through the appropriate stages of the greiving process and thus hold on to their emotions and regret their whole lives.

  • I think they do, they can hide it really well but they still hurt. It is impossible for anyone to have a close relationship with someone for a long time and then just completely move on when it's over.

  • only if they're crazy about the girl. they don't if they have no feelings.