Do men feel the same way during a break up?!?!?!

I'm sorry but I have to ask? Do men hurt during a break up like women?! I mean a long-term relationship? for any situation. (well I don't wanna say cheating because we all kno how that is) What about also as time goes by. does it just fade away?


Most Helpful Guy

  • How could there be no pain during a break up? We are human beings too, but we are the masters of covering our feelings. I guess God made us what we are. I suppose that is the reason why it's hard for a man to open up during a break up, I suppose that could also be the reason why some men turn to drugs, alcohol, and endless playing of vgames. To temporarily cover up the pain that is inside of them. But this is all irrelevent if the love was never there in the first place. God Bless. =)