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Ex wants to have dinner?

Hey, I'm 24 and my ex-girlfriend is 22. First, some background. My ex-girlfriend and I dated for 2 years, until about a year and a half ago, when... Show More

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  • She want to have her cake and eat it too. She put you on the back burner and she is getting a kick out of it. She is playing you, and you are allowing it because you are still keeping in contact with her. STOP feeling guilty about not responding. Moving on is the best thing to do. Remember, she moved on from you long before she left you.

    Is if harmless to meet her? For her and not for you. She is just looking for a filler of time. You are providing what other guys won't. Time, attention, and comfort doing things that she wants to do. She knows you still care and that you will put her on a pedestal that she doesn't deserve. Her motives are to get her fix to keep her going, plain and simple.

    Since you have no desire to get her back, the only way to send that message to her is to never communicate with her again, ever. All meeting her would do is lead you on and get you even more confused about her motives. She has had other guys knowing how much she has hurt you and that tells you everything selfish thing that you need to know. Move on and move forward. That chapter is finished, turn the page.

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  • She under anticipated the loss of you While there was an incentive for her to move on from you as a boyfriend it was loss of you as a confidant, as a best friend, a person that she was able to trust and rely on, someone that was kind and supportive of her, that's what she's missing now.

    You were hers exclusively for 2 years she may feel she still has options with you.

    If she just wants to just meet platonically, do you feel you could meet as friends for dinner, drinks? it is possible. Her crying and lamenting the good old days may be her way of conveying she wants to be a "friend with benefits", a relationship she wants to just keep occasional. How do you feel about this? Could you keep you manage your feelings? To say goodbye each time knowing she wants to keep her options open still. How do you feel about sharing her sexually with another? Would this hurt? Ask her to be honest about what she wants from you, matter of factly.

    If you can't handle a relationships with her, either platonic or shared, then you have an awkward situation you need to resolve. The answer is keep saying, texting, emailing "No thanks" and move on - it's okay to do that - it's time to do that.

  • I think she only wants you now because the other guy didn't work out. she's just using you

  • She's obviously regretting breaking up you and still cares about you a lot more than she thought she would, but because you aren't succumbing to her advances, she keeps trying without actually telling you this. By taking you out to dinner, she is feeling you out to see if you could get back together (and if this is not the case, I don't know why you guys broke up but if its still a problem, then maybe she's just trying to see if it changed.)

    Honestly, you seem to be over her and if you don't want to be with her, yes be mature and go but make it clear that it's not what you want anymore. She needs to realize that she let you go and she shouldn't expect anything out of you.

  • Dont accept her invitation if you do not want anything to do with her. By accepting its giving her the idea that you might still be interested in her.. she sounds controlling...why the heck would she text you that if she didn't want to try to play with your feelings... lol

    • Shes being immature. no way by not accepting the invitation would make you immature. It makes you smart!

  • sure, what could it hurt

What Guys Said 6

  • I'd say go, but make your intentions perfectly clear. You have not intention of getting back together with her, and frankly you're happier this way. Good Luck man.

  • Don't go, she broke up with you, obviously lost a great guy, now let her deal with consequences... if she contacts you that much, she probably wants to get back together, she actualy seems really desperate... it's you're choice on what you want to do, there really is no reason to feel guilty if you don't go, and if you do, just catch up and that's it, if she makes a move, deny her. good luck

  • Just do it, how many women ever offer to take a guy out to dinner for free? NEVER.

    • so funny!

    • You know it's true.

    • Untrue. I have paid for my male friends dinners many times. :)

  • Go!

    Be cool and show no interest, this will give you like total closure and she will be all like "oh what did I do?! :'c".

    You will most likely enjoy it a lot

  • "You don't know what you've got, until it's gone". Your ex is dumb, just like my ex and decided to leave a good guy. Women don't realize at that age that good guys are very hard to find. They want us to be jerks so they can change us and blah blah blah. You didn't chase her, you didn't put her on a pedestal. Basically now she is trying to work her way back into your life. Also another thing is, she could know that you are over her finally and hate it. So that's another reason why she's coming back.

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