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My boyfriend doesn't have time for me and always says he is busy ...

My boyfriend doesn't have time and keeps saying he is busy...I have tried my best but it doesn't work...I can't connect with anymore and I don't get... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • This sounds like an episode of Seinfeld. If YOU decide you want to end the relationship then it doesn't matter what he says. YOU are in charge of whether YOU want to be in the relationship. Don't let him string you along anymore.

    • Thanks :) for the advice ... I am clear abt what I want.. but don't know why he doesn't want to break up... May

      Be he is waiting to find someone else before he dumps me LOL

What Girls Said 1

  • Are you happy with him?

    If the answer is Yes, then stay. If the answer is No? Then leave no matter what he says.

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