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He is my ex-boyfriend's cousin. Should I just let it go?

Ok well I like this boy nd he approached me so I know he likes me but the bad part is that he is my ex boyfriends cousin.! So I kinda messed up there... Show More

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  • Ofcourse don't let him go. Your ex is out of your life now. Don't lose the possibility of a wonderful loving relationship for something happened in the past :)

  • Having more than friends feelings for an ex boyfriend's cousin doesn't deter you from dating this guy you like :) You may feel awkward, you may feel concerned, but none of things will bring you or your relationship with his cousin down, nor should it define or affect it. So no, you have no reasons to let go of his cousin, and you should still continue to befriend him and see how it goes. Don't feel ashamed of your past :) This situation is not a big deal. Accept it as it is, face it with dignity, and live life as it is :) Hope this helps :)

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