Why is he scared of me?

I believe taht this is the man that I was destnied to marry before I rebelled against God. It took a lifte time of trial, tribulation and self sacrifice for me to find, appreciate, love, and believe in someone like this and it is for this reason that I cannot let him go. He has no idea that I had at one point prayed for him to be my husband and the Lord had answered my prayer. We started dating and were together for 3 months, then I heard something misconstrued what was said, and swore at him because someone lied to me abuot him. He took it as me dumping him, decided it was a good idea and that I was untrustworthy. He told me he didn't want anything to do with me, after I spent 3 months trying to get back in touch with him. Then he said it seemed like I refused to forget about him and that scared him. Why would he be scared of me? Tell me what it is from the guys point of view? I can see him being annoyed, frustrated, sad for me but why would he be scared? What is he scared of?


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  • Making someone the center of your universe is scary for them. Suddenly they are responsible for your happiness and that is overwhelming.

    • Thanks, that is enlightening.

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  • He's afraid that you're a stalker. Ask him to talk to you, and TELL HIM ALL THAT YOU TOLD US.if he's really that great of a guy and you're destined to marry.he won't run away and cry like a baby

  • Scared of commitment without a doubt.

  • He could be scared of commitment. Maybe he's not ready for marriage and needs more than a few months.


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  • guys are scared of commiting at a young age, they're not sure of themselves yet. They want to keep exploring so let that happen and if he thinks your the one he'll end up marrying you. But if you can't wait that long or you get tired of his foolishness go out there and find someone who WILL marry you! good luck

  • well 3 months is not enough time for some one to say " you know what I will spend the rest of my life with this person" and plus women are more into that kind of thing mostly from the ages of 30 and up. So from one girl to another let him go and pray for some one else and if god heard you once he will hear you again.