Why is he scared of me?

I believe taht this is the man that I was destnied to marry before I rebelled against God. It took a lifte time of trial, tribulation and self sacrifice for me to find, appreciate, love, and believe in someone like this and it is for this reason that I cannot let him go. He has no idea that I had at one point prayed for him to be my husband and the Lord had answered my prayer. We started dating and were together for 3 months, then I heard something misconstrued what was said, and swore at him because someone lied to me abuot him. He took it as me dumping him, decided it was a good idea and that I was untrustworthy. He told me he didn't want anything to do with me, after I spent 3 months trying to get back in touch with him. Then he said it seemed like I refused to forget about him and that scared him. Why would he be scared of me? Tell me what it is from the guys point of view? I can see him being annoyed, frustrated, sad for me but why would he be scared? What is he scared of?


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  • Making someone the center of your universe is scary for them. Suddenly they are responsible for your happiness and that is overwhelming.

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      Thanks, that is enlightening.