What is your attitude towards prisoners/ex-convicts?

After conversing with a friend on here about the issue, I was curious to know what the GAG community's view was on prisoners/ex-convicts.

Do you think people who were incarcerated 'deserve what they get'? Do you think everything depends case by case? Do you think that they are the scum of the Earth? Everyone seems to have variant attitudes towards people who have committed crimes. I wanna know what YOU think.

I'll simplify it in a poll, and I know that it isn't so black and white.

  • Vote A Largely negative attitude towards prisoners/ex-convicts
  • Vote B Largely positive attitude towards prisoners/ex-convicts
  • Vote C Other/combination
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Personally, I think most people have potential for rehabilitation and change. Prisoners/ex-cons are largely discriminated against and treated as second class citizens with little to no consideration as to their environment/circumstances. Regardless of their crime, upon release they should once again be treated as individuals who have served their time. People shouldn't continue to be punished upon release, I find that illogical.

Thanks for everyone's opinions, keep them coming :)


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  • I don't feel neither positive nor negative about them.

    People are not born evil, in my opinion. It's the society, upbringing, culture, bad and good experiences, one's threshold to pain as well as many other things.

    Let's admit that we all have different threshold. Some of us become very aggressive and others refuse to harm themselves and others.

    I think they should get punished by sending them to jail but that's it. They should learn to do something useful inside prison which helps to better themselves. They should even continue their education while they're inside prison. The objective is to make better people out of them.

    When they get out, they should be owning the tools, education and discipline that prevents them from getting back into that sick life they had before.

    They were punished already, so we should give them another chance when they get out. Instead of mocking and fearing them, let's give them a chance to become good people.

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      And that's why I'm marrying you :)

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      People aren't born with psychopathy? Or isn't that evil?

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      Thanks for the best answer! *Kisses*