Ex keeps blocking me then unblocking me from fb.

So my ex and I have been over for almost a year now, we aren't friends on Facebook, and we have no communication from each other once so ever.

So why does he block me then unblock me on fb about every 3 months, even when we don't talk?

A little background, this guy is 35.


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  • He's probably just deleting his profile on and off. So it's not really blocking. If you want to find out if he's really blocking or doing something, get "better Facebook". It will tell which of your friends is deleting you or whatnot. Or... you could just not give a crap. Since you all don't speak, I'd suggest just blocking him yourself, for good.


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  • Are you sure he's 35 or 3? I'm guessing he just wants your attention. But why are you checking up on whether he's blocked you or not?

    • You know I don't really notice what he's up to inless a mutual friend says that he's butthurt for no reason, or he's up to something to make me jealous. Which I've moved on really.

  • he still likes you,

  • Facebook just destroys relationships.

    • Completely agree. More and more, people just attempt to show a "happy" exterior with their significant others. More often than not, it's nothing more than a facade.

    • never been a fan of Facebook, never will

  • It's probably so in his mind you have no way of looking at what he's up to and who he's talking to but will unblock you at random times thinking you won't notice and try and see what your upto and who your talking to as well


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  • I think you should just block him completely or just not check up on him at all. If you keep doing it, it will drive you crazy. I deleted my ex and blocked everyone we both knew. Well, not blocked, but I made it so that their status updates don't show up on my news feed. Then I do everything I can to not check up on them and so far, I haven't. I don't want to keep thinking about anything related to him.

  • Sounds to me like your guy needs some attention and he is probably waiting for you to add him.. Don't do that because this kind of personality obviously will use it against you or sit in his tower talking about how you added him and stalking him.. Even though he may have strong feelings for you but I guess he is a little baby in a big man's body.

    Why do you check up on him if he has blocked you or not.. I say ignore him and don't even check anything and focus on a hobby or your work or something and believe me.. if you re waiting for him to make a move.. He will. He will eventually add you or message you.. or better yet call you..

    But don't wait for it.. IGNORE IT!

  • He is checking up on u, making sure your still there etc... he is properly looking for any change in your life, if you have a new boyfriend or whatever... you should just block him and then its all over! x