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Why would someone's skin break out suddenly for no apparent reason?

Why would someone's skin break out suddenly for no apparent reason?I haven't eaten, drank anything different than I usually do (and I stay away from things that do break me out like soda), and I haven't changed my face cleansing routine at all. So what was it then?Stress?(I have exams)Or something completely unrelated to all of those things?

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  • I think it probably was stress which can break out your face. Also if you touch your face with dirty hands that can break you out. Even the sun can break you out. I think it probably was the stress. The more stressed out you our. The more it can break out your face.

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  • Stress and pressure (from touching your face, pillow, etc) can cause random breakouts (well not really random since they were obviously caused by something).

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  • I'd say stress and hormones :o

  • It's just the way your skin is. No one's skin is 100% perfect.Could be stress, though.

  • It could be stress. Are you on your period? It could be that too! Sometimes I break out when I get scared too many times in a couple days span.

  • Hormones.

  • Stress can make you break out or pms. Drinking sodas, eating sweets or salty foods, (fast food) can make you break out.

  • hormones.

  • Like Stitches pointed out, you should change your pillow cases 2-3 times a week. You should also watch what you eat, maybe you didn't change your diet, but the quantity of it, and that could effect it as well.Drink lots of water for clearer skin and clean your cell phone with ethanol after every day you're out.