WHY is she such a BITCH?! Or should I feel guilty?

me and my ex broke it off about a month ago, actually she broke it off with me saying she things were going fine and she wanted to end it while we... Show More

how often do women do this? don't you think its kind of moronic?
fellas has this ever happen to you?

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  • She wanted you to fought for her. But I think she didn't expect for you to move on like that. She wanted some groveling. I don't agree with her, but I understand how she feels, cause I wanted my ex to fight for me too and stuff, if the ex doesn't fight he's saying "i don't care" at least that's how I (and it seems your ex too) see it. BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY WRONG to act so childish and rude! She IS a crazy bitch ( kicking your chair? how old is she ?!) She's just jealous that you got a girl to go out with you quicker than she could get a man to go out with her.

    I say: To hell. xD lol

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