WHY is she such a BITCH?! Or should I feel guilty?

me and my ex broke it off about a month ago, actually she broke it off with me saying she things were going fine and she wanted to end it while we are still friends. as BIZARRE as I saw this there is nothing I could do except agree. so we went our merry ways, it was about a week wen I meant this... Show More

how often do women do this? don't you think its kind of moronic?
fellas has this ever happen to you?

Most Helpful Girl

  • She wanted you to fought for her. But I think she didn't expect for you to move on like that. She wanted some groveling. I don't agree with her, but I understand how she feels, cause I wanted my ex to fight for me too and stuff, if the ex doesn't fight he's saying "i don't care" at least that's how I (and it seems your ex too) see it. BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY WRONG to act so childish and rude! She IS a crazy bitch ( kicking your chair? how old is she ?!) She's just jealous that you got a girl to go out with you quicker than she could get a man to go out with her.

    I say: To hell. xD lol