WHY is she such a BITCH?! Or should I feel guilty?

me and my ex broke it off about a month ago, actually she broke it off with me saying she things were going fine and she wanted to end it while we are still friends. as BIZARRE as I saw this there is nothing I could do except agree. so we went our merry ways, it was about a week wen I meant this new chick and started messing with her. me and my new gurl was at the movies when I saw my ex and some of her gurls and went over to say hi she was all cheery until she saw my new gurl come over and wrap around my arm. wen we got in the theater she sat right behind me with her gurls and kept kickin my chair talking to me and just straight C-blockin HARD! then she called me that night and told me I was in considerate, that I didn't care about our relationship, that I should have fought for her etc...etc. oh and she would talk to me bout guys that was trying to get wit her too! lets not leave that out lol

my 1 q is: ladies do you agree with this chick?

2nd: did I do something wrong here?

3rd: is she just a crazy ass bitch?

ladies its one of ur own I completly understand...but be real with a brother, ok?

how often do women do this? don't you think its kind of moronic?
fellas has this ever happen to you?


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  • She wanted you to fought for her. But I think she didn't expect for you to move on like that. She wanted some groveling. I don't agree with her, but I understand how she feels, cause I wanted my ex to fight for me too and stuff, if the ex doesn't fight he's saying "i don't care" at least that's how I (and it seems your ex too) see it. BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY WRONG to act so childish and rude! She IS a crazy bitch ( kicking your chair? how old is she ?!) She's just jealous that you got a girl to go out with you quicker than she could get a man to go out with her.

    I say: To hell. xD lol


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  • Sounds pretty standard, especially for a younger girl. I don't know why you would be expecting any different.

    • Shes 20

    • 20 is way on my scale of younger.

  • 1. Nope.

    2. Nope.

    3. Nope. She is just still in game playing mode. She is not crazy, but we are taught some crazy things about dealing with guys by our friends, family and the media. She probably wanted you to protest when she broke up with you and she probably wanted you to mope around instead of moving on so quick.

    I think it is moronic. We should all just communicate with each other what we want, but men and women don't.

    • Shhhhiiiizzzzzz I do!

    • But why doesn't that come across as kinda crazy? if I guy did that to you, you wouldn't discribe it to ur friends as he lost his damn mind

    • Yeah, guys do play games like this too. Anytime you are not straight up with your feelings or you say something or do something to try to influence someone's behavior it is a game. Crazy implies that she's the only one that acts this way. There are plenty of men and women acting this way. I did say I think it's moronic. She's not thinking rationally, but that doesn't make her crazy, just misguided and wrong.

  • 1. No

    2. No

    3. Yes

    She is playing games. When she saw you with the other girl it hurt her pride that you were not sitting at home sulking around waiting for her to come back. You did nothing wrong but move on with your life...

    • Dats exactly what i, sayin

  • I don't agree with her. First, she broke it off, which gives you both rights to date other people. No, you didn't do anything wrong, because you just went up to your ex and said "hi," like normal friends do. I wouldn't call her a crazy ass bitch, but she's clearly in the wrong. I can understand her being jealous, but, again, SHE'S the one who broke it off, and her accusations are a little bit unrealistic.

  • When you see her with another guy . . . the same feeling will hit you in the face very suprisingly & then you"ll understand . . . (wink)

    • Afterwards she and I would talk and she waould constantly talk to me bout other guys and I just let her. I cared bout her and wanted to make sure that she was wit someone nice. not anymore of course I don't give a damn now.

  • I think she was just hurt and kind of jealous that you moved on so fast...like one week? But you didn't really do anything wrong, cause she is the one that broke it off with you and she had no right ruining your date.

  • Sometimes people in longer relationships break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend because they want the excitement of a new relationship back. She probably broke up with you intending to break up and seeking for a new exciting spouse, but then when you didn't beg for her back, she realized that SHE wanted you back. She probably realized she made a dumb mistake

    I'm not saying that it's right, (what she's doing) I'm just saying that's how she's feeling most likely. And she's still attached to you, because 8 months makes her feel like you are still hers, even though you broke it off. (so when she saw you and your new girl, she was extremely jealous and mad)

    And you're right, she probably did want you to cry ! But since she dumped you, it's your choice, and if you want to move on, it's her loss !

  • I do not agree with her, and I think that your ex is over reacting, but maybe she was offended at how fast you moved on. It depends on how long you two dated, six months, it would have been respectful to wait a little longer, but a month of dating, it would be okay to date a week after the break up.

    She's just jealous. sorry, girls are sometimes over dramatic.

    • We dated for 8 months

    • Ohhh, well then maybe you should have waited a little longer. She probably felt that you didn't care for those 8 months, because you "moved on so fast" so she acted like a b*tch because she was hurt and felt like those 8 months were just thrown away in one week.

      She'll heal in time though, after all, she broke up with you. Just don't rub it in her face by introducing your new girl to her, that'll probably make her more upset and angry !

    • See I can't see that as valid. there was nothing wrong with our relationship, she one day jus came to me and said it was over. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. so I said alright and left. I really feel like she wanted to see me cry for her or stop living or something...maybe if there was a better reason I would have waited but hell for no reason, NONE WATSOEVER, screw that. I dnt understand why she's putting herself through this.

  • 1. No- it was immature and delusional

    2. You did nothing wrong

    3. Not a guy

    4. I don't know how often chicks do this, but it doesn't make them seem appealing.

  • try to get as far away from her as possible, give her an "adult" conversation and seem serious to her. Tell her that she broke up with YOU and to stop being so fuking immature and to leave you alone. I'd never do that to my ex-bf there's something seriously wrong with her

  • shes prob. still likes you and is just crazy. and I think every girl is a bitch at heart lol

    • Lol. hey, we all have bad sides

  • no, I don't agree with her..she broke up with you, so she shouldnt be actin like that.

    no, you didn't do anything wrong.

    i think she's just jealous because you moved on and she regrets breaking up with you. but yeah she's crazy...lol

  • it's a good thing it ended when it did!

  • i don't agree with this chick

    you didn't do anything wrong.

    she is crazy but still in love with you.

    im being real with you trust me.

    us women do it very often.

    i wouldn't call it moronic, but stupid on our account.

    sometimes we aren't sure what we really want so we leave the one we love and then when their gone we realize how much we really loved them. and if we see them with another gurl we get mad just because we love them and wish we never called it off.

  • Q 1:Hell no, I don't agree with her.

    If I tell you that I want us to just be friends, we're just going to be friends. Friends don't play these childish games with each other.

    It seems like she just wants to keep you close-by in case she can't find a new guy.

    Q 2: No, you moved on like you were supposed to.

    Q 3: Bitch is a strong word, but it's pretty close. One thing's for sure: she's crazy as hell!

    I may be a girl, but I'm not one like her.

    • I apreciate ur honesty sista THANK YOU!!!!!! but I still think she's a being a bitch...

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    • I don't know how often women do this, but it's dumb as hell!

      It's girls like this who give the rest of us bad names...

    • U LET UM KNOW HOMIE! haha

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  • I completely agree with amberview. She is 100% correct. Yet, I do understand where she's coming from. She just feels really weird with seeing you and another girl. And to your update, it has happened to me. And like when they say you should've fought for them and stuff if makes you feel guilty and they want to guilt trip you into dumping your Girlfriend and go back to her. Just ignore your ex's requests and have fun with this new girl

    • Coo!

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    • Haha no doubt! thanks homie

    • Np dude but keep her don't let nothing happen

  • Naw, I don't think she's a bitch man.

    She's just a little immature girl that can deal with a guy that ain't gonna put up with her sh*t. She had another thing coming, and her c*ck-blockin' was just a lame attempt at trying to get back at you cause she's jealous of your new girl. She was trying to make you jealous too.

    You did nothing wrong here man. She started playing games, and you kicked her to the curb. She's just looking for a rise out of you, and if you play it cool she'll move on to some other poor sap.

    Good luck man.

  • Bro, if she dumped you for pretty much no reason and you didn't make a fuss, then found a new honey, and were nice enough to great your ex, but she giving you a hard time, she is a b*tch and I wouldn't worry about her. Life is too short to be dealing with drama girls.

  • just tell her to f**k off!

    shes a bitch who doesn't know what she wants

    leave her arse and never talk to her again, she is not worth keepig as a friend

    • Dats what its lookin like my dude.....dats what its looking like.

  • she's just a crazy ass bitch

  • She's just a crazy bitch...

    You need to tell her that this is the result of her playing games