Been together for 2 years, then out of nowhere my boyfriend broke up with me, please read!!

My boyfriend And I been together for 2 incredible solid years. We never fought, we just had an amazing relationship, everyone who know us always told us that were the definition of what true love is. We treated Each other with so uch love. He went out of his way everyday to Make me feel like a queen and center of his attention, we spoke about marriage, his entire family love me and call me their daughter in law. Heve told all his friends that there's no girl out there like me, and he's such a lucky guy to have me. That I'm the love of his life, and none of his relationship even come close to what him and I have. Last week we got in our you can say first fight, it was stupid but he ended up deleting me on Facebook ( yes I know lol ) and I ended uo packing my stuff and leaving his house, 2 days later he tied meeting him but I ignored him he ended uo texting me saying he's very sorry for overreacting and acting so immature that he def made a huge mistake by doing so, but that I need to know that I'm his love the one, and the only and to never second guess that, then he sent me a love song talking about him not being able to ever picture his life without me, etc etc...a day later I accepted his apology but asked for a few days to just step back from the fight, then 2 days later he sent me this! "I know I love you, but I've been getting mixed feelings and not sure if I can continue this relationship right now, I need space to sort out my thoughts, and no I have no met anyone or talking to anyone, nothing like that I just need to figure out my life, only time will tell if this is what I really want"...what in the world is he talking about?! Where did this come from ? Few days later he texted me asking me how I'm doing and then shortly told me about his day and then said well. Just wanted to see hiw you're doing I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, love you...someone please please please give me some sort of insight on this?! I am so confused!


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  • I think he is all mixed up about how you could have stayed away as long as you did. And sure you needed that time--now he needs his time too. Give him the time like you needed yours and then see what happens. What you have to understand is that while you were taking your time he was trying to get you back and now that you have been away for so long he feels his time is just starting. So now its up to you to start trying to get him back. To show him that you still want him and that is missed.

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      No but it only took me a day! Lol he pissed me off and that's why he apologized and what not and said "whenever you're ready to speak to me I'll be here waiting"...I responded the next day! It took me a day lol!