Been together for 2 years, then out of nowhere my boyfriend broke up with me, please read!!

My boyfriend And I been together for 2 incredible solid years. We never fought, we just had an amazing relationship, everyone who know us always told us that were the definition of what true love is. We treated Each other with so uch love. He went out of his way everyday to Make me feel like a... Show More

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  • I think he is all mixed up about how you could have stayed away as long as you did. And sure you needed that time--now he needs his time too. Give him the time like you needed yours and then see what happens. What you have to understand is that while you were taking your time he was trying to get you back and now that you have been away for so long he feels his time is just starting. So now its up to you to start trying to get him back. To show him that you still want him and that is missed.

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    • No but it only took me a day! Lol he pissed me off and that's why he apologized and what not and said "whenever you're ready to speak to me I'll be here waiting"...I responded the next day! It took me a day lol!