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Why do some men/women still sneak around?

If your girlfriend/boyfriend is good to you, he/she does everything he/she can for you and you have a pretty good relationship with her/him then why... Show More

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  • some people are just emotionally immature and/or don't know how to settle down with one person

What Guys Said 1

  • honestly i believe they had a rough child hood like in my case my soon to be wife contently lies to my face joins dating sites or sex phone chats but i believe it is due to how her childhood was people always in and out of her life never knowing her real dad in her case abandonment issues and going through other stuff she shouldn't of had too

What Girls Said 2

  • They probably never really cared about the person and are only with them because "they do everything they can do for you."

    • And some people, regardless of age, just don't want to settle down with one person.

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