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He won't talk to me after our break-up, why is that?

I fell head over heals for this guy and I thought he felt the same way I did we were only dating a little over a month at first it wasn't a long... Show More

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  • Most likely he has found someone els.You should move on, I'm so sorry.

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  • I would say there's nothing stopping him picking up a phone and contacting you, if he can't be bothered to talk to you at least once every fews days, you should mvoe on.

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  • It's called self-preservation. You probably did hurt his feelings, after all you were together and experienced stuff. You need to lay off and just let some time pass by, maybe he'll come around...

    You're upsetting both him and yourself by pursuing a friendship, so soon after the break-up.

    • The relationship ended 9 months ago....

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    • But he told me to keep in touch with him..So wouldn't you think he wanted to be friends?? And even when I suggested us being friends he said yeah we can...and now he is ignoring me and I don't understand why?

    • Guys wander. Don't waste your time on him, because he obviously has no plans to follow through with his promise... Sorry about that. You're better off without him.

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