Why does my ex boyfriend hate me so much? Please help!

I went out with my ex for a year. We work together. He is in his 30s, very limited experience, shy, private person. He's known for lacking confidence. His friends have never seen him flirt with anyone other than me. He chased me for over a year. He also was very nervous about sex. He can be very hot and cold and that's y I ended it. I loved him but it was hard.

It was a good break up and it's been fine between us. 6 months after break up a group of us went interstate for a wedding. Including him and I. He offered to take me to the airport and we got on great! Like when we were together. Once we got to the accommodation, everything changed. He was short with me, couldn't look at me when we were talking etc. His friends love me and I met a few others who also told him, how much they liked me. He was just strange towards me. You could feel tension.

When we got back from the trip he hasn't stopped lashing out at me at work. Everyone was noticing it and our boss if something happened when we were away. He's never been like this to me.

We broke up over six months ago. Been really civil and even seeing each other during social gatherings. He even told our boss he is resigning. He told my friends at work he's quitting, but said he thinks I will stay (I told him for the past year I would to work elsewhere for a financial perspective) if he goes, knowing he's out.

He finally told me today that he hates his friends hangout with me and can't understand why I would do that. Looking back when we were even together he would get funny, when his friends would message me first. He did tell one of his friends recently that he only finds out about social events from me, not them.

Is he over me? Why is he being like this?


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  • This is the problem with any work relationship, people wind up taking sides in a break-up and it's hard on both of you. It's no ones's fault. It always turns out one of you if not both loses their job.


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  • Maybe he's thought you are over him, did you happen to mention someone else? Ex's can be hard and messy the fact you ended it on the terms of hot & cold may mean he still has feelings for you and is trying to give himself a clean break? Hope this helped

  • his comfort zone are his friends, it seems too me like he's jealous because he feels you are getting more attention from his friends then himself

  • You left him because he was hot and cold, why does this situation surprise you. You know men seem to think that if you don't accept their flaws you don't really love them, and yet they never seem to forgive us ours.