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Why does my ex boyfriend hate me so much? Please help!

I went out with my ex for a year. We work together. He is in his 30s, very limited experience, shy, private person. He's known for lacking... Show More

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  • This is the problem with any work relationship, people wind up taking sides in a break-up and it's hard on both of you. It's no ones's fault. It always turns out one of you if not both loses their job.

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  • his comfort zone are his friends, it seems too me like he's jealous because he feels you are getting more attention from his friends then himself

  • Maybe he's thought you are over him, did you happen to mention someone else? Ex's can be hard and messy the fact you ended it on the terms of hot & cold may mean he still has feelings for you and is trying to give himself a clean break? Hope this helped

  • You left him because he was hot and cold, why does this situation surprise you. You know men seem to think that if you don't accept their flaws you don't really love them, and yet they never seem to forgive us ours.

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