Why do ex's always come back once you start to move on?

After 6.5 years she breaks up with me, and three months later she is trying to talk/text me. It seems like it's always three months after people break up they start to show some interests in getting back together after you begged and told them how much you love them. Anyone else have this happen to them?


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  • Happened to me, I got distance from him and after a month of no contact he wanted me back in his life emotionally and physically. But he didn't want a relationship so I had to walk away, I am in the process of moving on, but he is still trying to suck me back. I think for his it's all about control, he enjoys he can have me and when he didn't have that control he couldn't handle it.

    I read some get your ex back books and they say not contacting your ex is the best thing you can do to get them back. And if you ease back into it and eventually talk about why things went belly up then you can make your relationship stronger then before. So if you play your cards right you can have her back :)

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      Yea those books work, but it took so long for her I really don't know if I should take her back. I still have strong feelings for her but I don't know if I could ever feel like I could trust her and would be scared to get hurt again.