My ex and I are trying to work things out...Flakes all the time...

My ex and I are trying to work things out and every time we plan to do something at the last minute she makes an excuse why not to...and then an hour later after arguing she'll do what he had planned. And she knows this realllly irritates me. And today was like everything was going good all day we had planned last night to watch a movie tonight at my house...i talk to her on the phone she said she was leaving her house and I was like cool see you here. she texts me saying she's 5min away. and then like 3min later she was like I'm not coming over sorry. I was like what? you said you were 5min away. and she text back ya I was but naww sorry. and I called and asked why she was like ohh I don't know I'm just going to go to sleep. like what the hell is going on?! Is she just messing with me head or you think she's seein somebody else? Or that's what reaction she wants out of me?


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  • k listen and listen carefully. And I'm not playing around.. She has some1 else that is catching her attention.. You are no longer her number 1 priority.. Sorry to say this but you arent, don't take that to heart...

    But you need to stop talking to her and stop waiting around for her. Cause she's just reassuring that your still around.. Cut off all contact, don't text, don't call, block her on Facebook and what ever else type of communication you might have with her.. And if you think I'm nuts for telling you to do this... well I'm not.. cause my ex did this to me.. she's dragging you along to make sure she has some1 there for her until she can settle with some1 else.. She probably already is settled with some1 else already but just hasn't told you. And you said that she keeps making plans with another guy? well this should be a good enough clue to kick her to the curb..

    So to sum it up. Don't call, don't text, don't email, don't Facebook/twitter her, don't call her house, don't go to her house, don't speak to her unless she shows up at your door looking for you!


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  • idk, she's not into it I guess, sort of need to know more what's going through her head..

    • she plays games like this all the time and then after a day she's all in love again

    • oo yikes, you gotta be the one to put your foot down, don't let her treat you like that, just try to figure out what's going on in head, what she wants, etc... then decide what you guys want to do.. she sounds like she's just playing with you, you should move on

    • yea that's how it seems

  • can I ask for more history about you two? how long yu were dating? why you split up? who initiated the break up? how longs the break up been? etc.

    • we were together for 2 months after about a month she started sayin I keep her up late and we go out to much and she's not like that...and she ran back to her ex she was with for 5yrs they had been separated a year but wood still talk on the phone and stuff...n then 3 days later she ran back to me and told me she made a mistake going to him and she wanted to be with me so we got back together...then out of nowhere she broke up with me saying she thinks she's not good enough for me. and says she

    • is going to move on and she changes her number right..but 2days later she texts me from her new number with some bs like ummm I left a movie at your house I need from there we started talking again...and we were jus friends and she decided she is gonna try and work things out with her ex AGAIN about 2weeks ago...and she recently said she's done with him its never going to work so she started talkn to me again...idk if she's lying or if he's still in the picture

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  • i agree with everyone else. If you want the upper hand in this relationship, do what people are saying and stop talking to her. be the person in control. If she calls you, don't answer. If you want you can text back but not until hours..or even a few days later. You have to show her that she's not a priority of yours either. Even more you have to think that too. Maybe she'll come around if you play that way.

  • She is just not that into you, and she is using you as an emotional crutch

  • She's lying to you, and f***ing with your head.

    Who cares why?

    She's clearly not interested in working things out. Cut this manipulative cow out of your life for good. Seriously man, complete no contact. She should be dead to you.

  • There's that saying if you really wanted to, then you'd find a way. If you didn't you'd make some excuse not to make it happen