Why do couples break up after 2 months?

even after they have professed their love for each other.

reasons please...


Most Helpful Guy

  • It wasn't love then, ill explain why.

    Most people think they love someone when they find someone they have feelings for, Yes those feelings can develop into love but usually people have it mixed up with fascination or Lust or even both.

    What causes them to break up? Life issues, they realized they weren't meant to be together, fights, conflicts, immaturity, lack of chemistry,etc, the list goes on and on. It just depends on what happened.


What Guys Said 6

  • something was rotten

  • Falling in love and loving someone are two different things. Plus, younger people are less patient than older folks.

  • Because true love survives. You may say you love each other, but sometimes...love fails. I've seen too many divorces

  • Because life is often painful and without clear reason.

  • because they were infatuated not in love.


What Girls Said 4

  • love is transient..it is constantly changing.. some people jump out when it dips a bit.

  • perhaps it wasn't love.

  • i personally think a lot of people confuse lust with love.

  • I think it's because most couples don't make it past the honeymoon phase of the relationship. Once things start to get real and they get to know each other they pick up on things that you dislike about the other person. If you can accept them for their habits you don't like then the relationship survives. If you can't accept it then it ends.