I confronted her about knowing that she was cheating.

This isn't so much a dating question as it is a question of morals/ethics. I'm a guy who lives with 2 girls. One of the girls is currently dating a guy I would consider myself pretty good friends with.

This girl has a shady past with guys, she was known for dating several guys at once, going after insecure guys and manipulating them to be with her, lying to them, cheating on them, etc. She has an on again off again"long term' boyfriend that she refuses to ever tell the truth to- any other guys she ends up dating she has to hide from this guy. I've supported her for YEARS, always had her back, stood up for her, even lied for her...we were both immature and that was my excuse.

Well recently she had been single for a long stretch and talked a lot about how she had "changed" and that we had grown up. Like I said she's currently dating a really great guy who is close with our circle of friends. Well I found out last week from one of her ex boyfriends that she had been cheating with him. She was also lying to this guy, apparently trying to get back with him too. She didn't tell me or my other roommate when we confronted her about where she always was, she lied to our faces and said she was with her current boyfriend. Add to this the fact that anything her current boyfriend writes on her Facebook is instantly deleted for fear of her 'long term boyfriend' finding out about him, since she wants to make sure her long term boyfriend is faithful to her.

I confronted her about knowing that she was cheating, and she tried to deny it and talk her way out of it, but I know for fact she is lying. She then said that she would tell her current boyfriend everything. The problem is, I know she wont. At this point I'm just sick of the drama and the lying and her in general...but I don't know if it is my place to tell her current boyfriend that she is cheating on him. I feel like a jerk if I don't, since he's a great guy and I would consider him a friend, at this point a better friend than she is, but is it unethical?


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  • He deserves to know, but only get involved if you're willing to see it through. You can't just drop a bomb like that on your friend and wash your hands of the issue. If you're willing to take his side against her though, then please do help this guy out.

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      Thankyou, I guess that is the part I'm struggling with...how to deal with the aftermath.