Why Is My Ex So Angry and Hateful?

My ex boyfriend decided that he no longer wanted to be with me, so why be angry and show hate towards me?

SN: He was the one that cheated and did all the mean things, when I was the nice one. He even cut up my clothes and stole from me. I have not looked for revenge

So why all the hate and anger. We were together for 4 years btw.


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  • he is doing it because you make him feel guilty hence the hatred,ignore him

    • But if she was over it completely she wouldn't be acting as such

    • nah she is with other dude

    • Oh OK she still has some feelings it seems.

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  • He has some strong issues that he needs to sort out. Probably needs some professional help.

    • I will.

    • Try to stay from him, just in case you know...

    • He needs to sort them out ASAP

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