Why Is My Ex So Angry and Hateful?

My ex boyfriend decided that he no longer wanted to be with me, so why be angry and show hate towards me?SN: He was the one that cheated and did all the mean things, when I was the nice one. He even cut up my clothes and stole from me. I have not looked for revengeSo why all the hate and anger. We were together for 4 years btw.

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  • he is doing it because you make him feel guilty hence the hatred,ignore him

    • Didn't look at that way..

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    • nah she is with other dude

    • But if she was over it completely she wouldn't be acting as such

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  • He has some strong issues that he needs to sort out. Probably needs some professional help.

    • He needs to sort them out ASAP

    • Try to stay from him, just in case you know...

    • I will.

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