Guys why don't you want to stay friends with an ex?

guys why don't you not want to stay friends with an ex?

so here is the other part my ex and I constantly see each other because we have to but he never really says hi or anything but when I recently hung out with his family and he was there we talked not akwardly but still after went back to the ignoring


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  • After you cross that line, you can't go back. Some try, but most fail. Why? Because one of you is going to be conflicted. Time (and distance) may not be the best healer, but it does heal (i.e., 'out of sight, out of mind'). I'm going through that now, as she knows/hangs out with all my friends. But I'm dealing. Nothing will be gained by forcing a friendship. You may have been friends before, but now its awkward, as you don't REALLY know how the other person was affected by the breakup. Show some understanding, and respect his desire for space from you. Friendships can be repaired/re-formed. If he was such a great friend, then wait until he wants (if ever) to do that again.