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Exboyfriend texts me Happy Birthday! What does it man?

My ex texts me Hope you have a Happy Birthday a little after midnight on my birthday. So to be the 1st. one to wish me a Happy Birthday. I texted him... Show More

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  • C'mon you get it...you just think its ridiculous...because it is.

    He likes you and misses you and thinks that he can subtlety raise his standing with you by showing how he remembers and cares. Definitely not the way it comes across but I bet that's where his mind went, just ignore him if your done with him, he'll go away eventually.

    • Thanks! :) I have but now he is trying to be really nice to my friends which he never really liked. Why do some guys do this? I told him I didn't want to be friends.

What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly it could mean nothing the timing could be a coincidence given the advent of smartphones and Facebook. But I guess it depends on whether or not you both parted amicably.

  • why do you post this if you don't care about him? Just saying

What Girls Said 3

  • He is clearly not over you... he was probably waiting all day to send you that text and timed it out all perfectly.

  • politeness. Most people aren't jerks even after having broken up and will extend common courtesies like 'happy birthday' or 'merry Christmas' etc.

  • I don't see why this situation is so confusing for you. You two shared something special so he's not pretending you don't exist. He's trying to be a friend. More acquaintance-y but what's wrong with that?

    He just doesn't see a point for you two to avoid each other and pretend you don't exist. You mattered to him once for a reason so he's being a nice person. It doesn't necessarily mean anything; you're making a lot out of something that's probably nothing.

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