My girlfriend cheated on me 3 times, leave her or stay with her?

my girlfriend cheated on me three times. I first time I didn't worry about it. the second time I was really mad at her and she said she won't do it again. the third time she did it anyway and I was mad at he again she said I still love you I won't cheat on you again I just need an answer please if I should stay or leave her.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say leave her.

    If she didn't learn her lesson the first time, she's not going to.

    Since she's cheating on you, there is obviously something missing in your relationship. I know it sucks to think that you're not satisfying the person you love (I was cheated on by my ex fiancee of 6 years, which is why he is now an ex) but if you're not making her happy, then she needs to find someone who does. And you deserve to be with someone who is happy with you.

    You have two choices to make. Either leave her, or don't. If you don't leave her, then you need to forgive and forget what happened. If you don't, the issue will continue being an issue and will cause problems throughout your relationship.