My girlfriend cheated on me 3 times, leave her or stay with her?

my girlfriend cheated on me three times. I first time I didn't worry about it. the second time I was really mad at her and she said she won't do it again. the third time she did it anyway and I was mad at he again she said I still love you I won't cheat on you again I just need an answer please if I should stay or leave her.


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  • I'd say leave her.

    If she didn't learn her lesson the first time, she's not going to.

    Since she's cheating on you, there is obviously something missing in your relationship. I know it sucks to think that you're not satisfying the person you love (I was cheated on by my ex fiancee of 6 years, which is why he is now an ex) but if you're not making her happy, then she needs to find someone who does. And you deserve to be with someone who is happy with you.

    You have two choices to make. Either leave her, or don't. If you don't leave her, then you need to forgive and forget what happened. If you don't, the issue will continue being an issue and will cause problems throughout your relationship.


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  • Dump her...a person might make a mistake once...but three times? She's just going to keep doing it because she knows that you'll take her back no matter what she does.

  • i've had this with a boyfriend and a cheat is a cheat

    if you love a man or women you don't cheat ...but you are young and I don't mean to be rude but this is the time to just get out there and have fun and chillax ...if she cheated then don't be the doormat and be walked on ...just let her go and she will learn that this is not what you do to folks

    it will be a lesson to her that she lost a good guy ie YOU

    if you keep letting her back she never learns to grow up and learn this

    get out there hang with your mates and meet real ladies /girls who will totally enjoy your company on building up your self confidence get out there buy some new clothes and cange yourself alittle hold your head up high and have a blast

    good luck S X

  • Leave her! She is taking advantage of you and you deserve so much better. The more you put up with, the more she will make you put up with! Everytime you take her back, it's like a challenge for her to see what else she can get away with and if she can do it again. If she truly cared about you, she wouldn't treat you this way and she wouldn't want to be with other guys! Leave her and find somebody better who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated by a girl. There are so many girls out there who are looking for a great guy - don't waste your time on someone who will never treat your right!

  • leave her, if there's no conciquence for her actions shell never learn. once a cheater always a cheater.

  • LEAVE. . . more like run.

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  • In the kind words of smokey from scary movie once said, there is 3 rules to surviving a situation like this.

    rule number one, you gotta be quick.

    rule number two, Don't fall down!

    Rule number three, Don't look back!

    And if you can Snatch sh*t on your way out and keep running like hell!

  • Dude find some pair of balls, if you don't have one go get some, and DUMP her. Are you serious 3 times? come on bro, lift your spirit and self esteem, These kind of girls not worth guys like you!

  • Sigh, what has happened to this generation. People are becoming more rude, violent, ruthless really and don't show any empathy to people who are weaker or older then themself. Girls these days 15 or younger know more about sex or curse words than myself now (lol).

    Where is the innocence?

    Yes dump her, you were quite foolish to stay with her after she even cheated the second time.

  • Bitch! GTFO

  • Nah! You should stick around so she can cheat on you a couple more times. Then eventually she can get bored with that and she'll dump YOU. And by that point the whole freaking world will know what a chump you were for her and THAT should REALLY help your dating life. . .