Should I send him a birthday card after break-up?

I am wondering if I should send my ex a birthday card (can't text cause don't have his number anymore), it will be a month since we broke up at his birthday.

I am thinking about funny card with just happy birthday, nothing too personal? (We broke up after Christmas and didn't wish each other Happy New Year) How would you guys react?


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  • Hi Girl,

    That is a really good question and I can see why are you in that dilemma. I think the question that you have to ask yourself is what you want to get in return for sending that birthday card? Are there any intentions behind sending that card? Do you want him to read it and then get him to somehow get back in contact with you. Is it a way in which you can feel like you can apologize for something?

    All I know from my past experience is that when I broke up with my ex (been together for about 3 years) about a month later it was Christmas. I still hadn't let go of him in my head yet and so I went to his place to drop off some flowers for his whole family.

    The truth of the matter was .. was that I was trying to manipulate the situation by giving him a gift in hope that he would give me something in return. SO I think if you do this, this will only make him feel a little guilty that he should do something. In a way its a little like still trying to hold on to that hope that you guys are completely separated.

    i know its hard, but by not sending him the card, you will find that you have the strength to finally move on..

    All the best

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    • You are so right, once again, thank you! :)

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  • What was the reason for breaking up?

    If he broke up with you it's probably not a good idea to send a card.

    If he broke up with you remember he has your number and if he wanted to talk he would contact you.

    I remember when my girlfriend broke up with me. I wanted to send her a letter, but I didn't. Down the road I was really happy I didn't send it.

    The best thing to do would probably be to fill out the card. Write everything you want to say to him in the card. When you are done hold onto the card and never ever send it. Or you could burn it. I heard doing these things helps a lot.

    • Thank you, it was a mutual agreement to break up because I already dumped him once but then we got back together for some time but it didn't work out. The reason was that I was discontent with him not spending enough time with me.

  • It depends why you broke up. Unless you want to still be friends, whats the point in sending a card? An ex is an ex! Why bring back the past?

    • Thanks, I actually treated him unfairly and would like to get a chance to apologize in the future..

  • Possibly. But the joke card may not go down too well, stick with something more traditional.

  • No, definitely not. If you don't have his number anymore you aren't friends, don't give him the wrong idea.


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  • I would send it. In an e-card.

    • Thanks, unfortunately I don't have his e-mail so I was thinking about real card... do you think that would be too much?

  • Well I'm kinda in the same situation as you

    I bought my ex a xmas present but broke up like right before

    and since I haven't seen him since he thinks I gave his present away and

    burned his hat ..(thats a long story)..

    so I think maybe you should just say happy birthday on facebook(if he has one) and if not, just pass along the message to someone else who knows him well.

    • Well we broke up during christmas also and I still have his christmas present which I didn't give to him..

  • nope leave it be