Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend keeps harassing her. What do I do?

I care about my girlfriend a lot and I hate to see her upset. Her ex keeps texting her explicit messages and won't stop playing mind games with her. He also showed up at her college uninvited on Valentine's Day. He's been harassing her since August (7 months of harassment)

I told her to ignore him and she listened to me. However, this situation could go one of two ways:

1) gets angry and turns into a stalker

2) He gets the hint and moves on

If he already showed up at her school uninvited. Should I assume that he may be a danger to her or me?

Also, after my girlfriend ignored his messages. He started texting one of her friends and asked her why she ignored his messages?

What should I do as a supportive boyfriend? Call the police?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It does sound like this could lean towards the stalker side since he's already been harassing her for so long. If he hasn't gotten the hint by now, then he probably won't. Still, it's better if you and your girlfriend both talk to this guy together (preferably in person so that there isn't any confusion at all). If both of you tell him to leave her alone then if he continues to harass her, it's time to step it up and go to the police. The explicit messages alone are already considered sexual harassment and can be pursued as stalker behavior as long as she has expressly told him to stop.


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  • Send him a message if he won't stop your goning to call the police.Might scare him away?

  • Maybe go to the police for advice, I am not really sure, sorry!

  • That's long! 7 months of harassment. You probably need to call the police. Make sure to use these evidence to show that he has been harassing. If possible, accompany your girlfriend or pick her up from her college.


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  • Why don't you go and talk with that guy in person and try sort things? Even after that if he doesn't listen to you, then you can try some threatening measures like calling the police and stuff.