Signs my ex girlfriend wants me back?

my ex girlfriend calls me all the time now, sometimes I answer sometimes I dont, she also recently sent me a text saying that I'm the one she wants, but when we talk on the phone I get mixed signals..she recently asked me what I was doing this weekend and that she might make a trip out to see me? its too far to be a one day event, so she would probably be spending the night. would she be doing this if she just wanted to remain friends? other than that text she has never openly came out and said that she wants to get back together

i would consider get back with her, but what are some other signals? and she tells me to call her back if our conversations are short on the phone, do I call her back or play hard to get still?

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  • She might just be more comfortable telling via text that she wants you. Don't do the whole waiting 3 days thing to call her back, but don't reply right away. Give it an hour if it's a text. Tell her she's more than welcome to stay at your place. By the sounds of it she wants to get back together but she's probably trying to see where you stand on the whole thing.

    • The thing is she just got out of another relationship because it was a rebound and she kept comparing him to me (so she says) and it didn't last..which is also why its hard to tell if she is just playing mind games or if she is being sincere...under these circumstances does she want to get back together or just looking for the friendship/comfort that she didn't have with the other guy?

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    • Well she broke up with me, and now she tells me she did it for selfish reasons, I would like to work things out, but I don't want to keep talking to her everyday just to have her tell me a month from now that she is seeing someone should I just be the friend and answer the calls or ignore some and keep it to limited contact?

    • I think you two need to have a serious conversation about what you both want. If there is any doubt then definitely just keep it friendly. Tell her you're not going to wait around forever.