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Women, why do you divorce so much?

The divorce rate in the USA has been 50% since the 70's and women file for divorce twice as much as men do. The divorce rate goes to 60% on a persons... Show More

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  • I have never been married nor divorce, but in my opinion most women, want to live a fantasy marriage where they have a perfect husband, perfect children, they want to be treated like princess, and because life is not perfect they feel disappointed and want to look for the perfect man.

    I think that the only people who will succeed marriage are the one who will accept the fact that there will be arguments, there will tough times, and they need each other to make it to the end.

    • Are you really a girl? Kidding.. but I appreciate your opinion.

    • yeah I'm a girl, but my feet are stuck to the ground :)

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  • The way they calculate the divorce rate is flawed. It's more like one third than one half and the rate has been getting lower since the 70's. link

    I'm not sure why women file for divorce more than men, maybe it has something to do with our higher expectations. We're generally pickier than guys in who we decide to date so maybe that carries over in long-term relationships too. Meaning guys are easier to keep happy.

    Also, unfortunately many women do seem to change either themselves or their expectations after marriage. I've heard of a few women making up all sorts of new rules for her husband after getting married. Which I think is completely asinine. Then when their husband can't live up to those unexpected expectations, they get disappointed and leave.

    Personally, if I get married I hope I never get divorced.

    • Thanks so much for your opinion and insight...

  • Because women can support themselves.

    • Ha ha..So are you saying women are not smart enough to realize that before they marry the guy?

    • Men can support themselves too. So that doesn't explain why women file for divorce more often.

    • I agree.. thanks for your answer.

  • Most men I've talked to who have been through a divorce will say that while there are problems on both sides, they admit to being most of the problem. This is coming from their mouths. They'll admit that women know how to do more to benefit a relationship, whereas the guys will sometimes get lazy and start thinking selfishly instead of doing things that could fix the relationship. The woman eventually got fed up.

    • You make a good point.. But those are men AFTER the divorce... The poor men before the divorce in the failing marriage.. would say.. things are not good..but its not their fault..right?

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    • Im on your side.. trying to teach men to grow up..and learn how to be a real MAN and treat a lady with the utmost respect that she deserves. What's so bad about that?

    • If I was a jerk.. I couldn't care less what women had to say and I wouldn't post questions on here..and I wounldn't do my damnest to help men and women on here.

  • disillusionment

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  • Because they can get just as much, if not more money by doing so.

  • From what I've read, the top reasons for women to divorce is simply "we've just grown apart." It might not have all the much to do with the guy acting badly. She has different interests now. It sounds like they fall out of love just as quickly as they fall into it.

    • Good point man! Grown apart is Womanese for .. either you're not rich...or my interest level in you fell and its your fault!

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    • 2/3 of all divorces are initiated by women. As I said, the top reason according to surveys is "We've grown apart" and financial problems. It wasn't that the guy was a cheater or he was an abusive a-hole. So yeah, all of those women aren't jumping ship to get away from bad guys. Some of them (maybe most of them) could be okay guys.

    • Agreed... So... if they are leaving good guys... the good guys most be failing somewhere in the relationship, causing the woman to want to leave.

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