Women, why do you divorce so much?

The divorce rate in the USA has been 50% since the 70's and women file for divorce twice as much as men do. The divorce rate goes to 60% on a persons 2nd marriage! I want your opinions as to why there is so much divorce and why women file twice as much as guys do. Are the men or women marrying the wrong person...are there unrealistic expectations going in to a marriage? Does the man change (for the bad) during the marriage...or does the women show her true colors after the "I dos"? and doing so..causes the man to change in an negative way. My 2 cents is only when a womans interest level drops the marriage fails...But many times a man will hang on and stay married even if his interest level drops and he is miserable.

I say its up to men to find the right woman... and treat her in such a way that she NEVER wants to leave!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have never been married nor divorce, but in my opinion most women, want to live a fantasy marriage where they have a perfect husband, perfect children, they want to be treated like princess, and because life is not perfect they feel disappointed and want to look for the perfect man.

    I think that the only people who will succeed marriage are the one who will accept the fact that there will be arguments, there will tough times, and they need each other to make it to the end.

    • Are you really a girl? Kidding.. but I appreciate your opinion.

    • yeah I'm a girl, but my feet are stuck to the ground :)