Break up hurts both sides, then why do people choose to?

My girlfriend broke up with me two days ago...she will also be in the same state as me ...then why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi there, break ups are tough. I have been through a few in my life lol on both sides. Sometimes God puts people in your life so that you can see the qualities that you appreciate in someone AND the qualities for you to see that do not want in someone. I am now recently married to a man that has all the good qualities that I liked from my ex's and none of the bad. If God had sent the perfect person to me the first time I would not have appreciated it or realized that the things that I accepted that I didn't like I really didn't have to that there was someone else for me. I know its tough right now and it hurts but chalk it up to a learning experience for the next relationship. The lesson may even be a blessing that you don't want someone that is not willing to work things out with you and just walks away. In order to make any relationship work one of the most important attributes is to have someone that will stick around to work things out. Now I will flip this and also say that if she broke up with you because you did something that you shouldn't have and the break up is really your fault then you need to examine why you did what you did and don't let it happen again if it is something that you shouldn't have done. God Bless