Is he a waste of time?

I've known this guy for over a year now and we've never dated but its always been about sex talk. He's a nice guy about 60% of the time when he wants to be and he's good looking. However he's so unreliable, I don't trust him and deep down I think he's a waste of time. He will talk to me then go off for weeks not talking to me because he doesn't feel like it but when someone hacked my Facebook account and started talking to him he thought it was me and completely stressed out swearing. I explained it wasn't me but once again he couldn't be bothered to talk to me. While I've known him for a year we've always been falling out and making up again and he's never changed. There was a long period of time when we fell out for about 5months and he caused me a lot of trouble which is why I don't trust him. I think maybe it is time for me to let him go for good even though I really like him a lot but I don't know how to I can't seem to get him out of my head. Am I wasting my time with him? And if so how do I forget about him and get over him?


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  • In short it sounds like he is a waste of time lol. If you are looking for a r'ship or love, forget him.


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  • Probably he just doesn't want to be tied down in any sort of exclusive relationship so young. Personally I think it's unhealthy to lose your freedom so young, so in my book, he's just being sensible. You can call it a waste of tie, but I'd call it healthy. Just be happy with a friendship.


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  • Yes he is a total waste of time and energy