When will my ex boyfriend contact me?

We been together for about 9 years.

How long does it take for a guy to know he wants you back and be with you if he regrets that we broke up? I have not heard from my ex in 12 days now. And I am afraid that he does not miss me. I would like to hear a males opinion.

I have not contacted him either in these 12 days. I am afraid if I leave him alone for to long he would think that I have moved on, and then he thinks he will do the same even though he maybe wants me back.

I have still not heard from him and it has been 16 days now. When is it "ok" to be nervous never to get him back?


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  • why did yall break up. If its a problem that you know is not worth fixing I say move on. Who hurt who, if you hurt him, he may wait a long time before contacting you. If he doesn't contact you I say move on as hard as it seems. I know 9 years is a long time but you can find other guy. If you feel that way about him I say contact him, someone has to be the bigger person. Call him and talk to him, let him know how you feel. If you call him and he doesn't want to talk, move on. I'm sure you are very beautiful and you have a lot going on for yourself. Don't settle for the games, find someone that will love you. Have a great day Sweetheart. Everything will be fine Trust me.

    p.s In the meantime go have fun, enjoy life with friends and family. do stuff that you never done before. Hang out at places that you enjoy doing. find guys with similar interest.

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      He broke up with me because he was confused about marrying me due to cultural differences, but I mean after almost 9 years?? I have seen him twice since we broke up, but he said that he thought it was for the best, and that I should not wait for him anymore because he thought it was best for him to marry a girl with the same cultural background than him. After I saw him the last time I haven't contacted him and he has contacted me twice with text messages. But if he really wanted me back....

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      He should do something more than that. I am having fun doing new things everyday. And I am talking to two guys with similar interests - so it is ok. But I am afraid that if I at some point agree to see my ex I will immediatly fall for his excuses and then maybe lose a great catch (maybe one of the two guys)? And my ex will hurt me again. I really liked your answer it's very positive - thank you.

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      I am in a similar situation, and it is SO very hard when my ex guy Completely Blanks me. I don't understand how he can't take responsibility for his side of it going sour, 2 to make a relationship/2 to have a relationship to go bad...

      I just wanted to thank you for your answer... it was thoughtful, helpful, honest and positive! It helped me too, in this tough time.. so THANKS! :)