Why do guys always come back?

There's those type of guys who constantly break up with there gf's and then come back and end up begging for them back. Why do guys do this? Is it because of obsession or is it because they really like the girl what is it?


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  • This is the truth about why men come back. They come back because they never actually wanted to leave, they just don't know how to talk and deal with issues. As a consequence to their own inability to communicate, they choose what seems (at the time) the easiest option...leave. RUN AWAY! AVOID AVOID AVOID. Ultimately however, issues surface. Then they find themselves alone with their relationship problems...that's when they come crawling back.

    A really mature (and unselfish) man is comfortable talking through relationship (and personal) issues. When a man like that breaks up with you, he'll never come back.

    My opinion is that you shouldn't let a guy come back. Just accept the break up, and be grateful for the happy times you had together. You only live once, there is no point to stress about something you can't control. And I know it is hard...my boyfriend just broke up with me two days ago (and I just found out that my mom is terribly ill with cancer). So if I can keep a smile on my face and move on, any woman can.

    Don't waste your life waiting for someone. You are too good for that.

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  • It's because they see another girl that they feel is more attractive and interested, but either get shot down or find out that she isn't available. That's when they come crawling back.

  • Jeez I do a lot of this, really trying to stop.

    I always have a good reason for dumping... but usually I don't think it through. I never try to talk things out, I just go straight to the dumping. Then I realize, shit probably could have talked through that one.

    • AHHH THATS SO TRUE. Like I try to have good communication with my boyfriend and talk things out and he just drops it or gets upset or gets distant. I'm like IM NOT MAD lets just talk about it. Communication isn't a bad thing if you do it right lol.

  • i have had a situation or two where I'm really into a girl, so I date her and I find that I'm into her physically, and there is no other reasoning for the realationship. so it ends and I stayed friends with her and we talked a lot and then I found that mental and emotional click between us and I wanted to be back with her.

  • It's fear of being alone...when they break up with the girl they realize they are alone, or worse yet that the girl will easily find someone better and they won't be able to find anyone.


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  • I find that guys like that have big time trouble talking about how they are feeling or what bothers them, so they just run away. Then they think about things, and about how they were wrong for doing what they did, and then they try to come back and talk about it. Its basically a difficulty in expressing emotions that they don't know how to deal with. A lot of time girls get blamed for it, and if she doesn't get blamed she feels as if she was "left in the dust" and is totally confused. Then the guy ends up feeling like he doesn't know what he wants, if it would be better to find someone new or to try to make it work with you and deal with their feelings. (seems like the more difficult choice) But in the end, they end up feeling bad for treating you that way. I know, my ex was like that and that is how he explained it...He even got to the point of saying that he thought he should move on because he knows he was being unfair to me..

  • I don't think obsession lol, hey it might be, but I think it's because there is something about the girl that they like and whose knows, they guy might have strong feelings for that girl. They always came back when they realize what they have lost.

  • haha! ye I know what you mean.. why are they so stupid? anyways.. I just say no, ur loss sukka! lol

    i know what didn't answer your question, becuz I'm not a guy.

  • cause these are immature guys.they chose the easy way whenevr it gets tough they dump the whole relation.but a true man won't ever dump you unless he is sure he doesn't want u

  • I honestly think it depends on the type of relationship you had in the first place. If it was casual, and he was barely invested in it the first time round it most certainly isn't because he has come to the realisation that he loves you, but on the other hand if it was a loving and intense relationship some guys (and girls) do get scared and run off. They try someone new and then think "What the hell have I done?" I've seen that happen a few times...

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