What does it mean when your boyfriend keeps accusing you of cheating?

my boyfriend of 9 months has a pretty busy schedule, he's in college, so we see each other when we get the chance which is a couple times a month usually. he sometimes cancels plans last minute because of school and lately its been worst. I feel like I'm putting more effort in the relationship because I change my plans to accommodate to his schedule and he asks to see me when he knows I'm busy. last weekend I tried to talk to him to tell him I feel like we are drifting apart but he randomly accused me of cheating on him. this came to me as a surprise I am def not that type of person and I know he is insecure sometimes because of his previous gfs cheating on him. I had no plans of breaking up but he said he knew I was going to break up with him even though I wasn't. then he called the next day saying we should take a break to think about this and says he cares about me and wants to work it out? I'm so confused? any guys know what this means


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  • Personally to be honest I do not understand how this could ever work out for you both, is a couple of times a month really enough for you? It sounds like he is very insecure because of his ex girlfriend cheating on him, it would be different if you 2 were together or close by but you are not, he will always have this insecurity because you are both having a long distance relationship and this will always enter into his head about this and after a while this will drive you crazy and then what friendship you had before the relationship would also be over. Personally I would say cut your losses and admit that this is just not going to work out for the 2 of you as you have too many obstacles to overcome it would seem.


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  • Insecurity or guilt.

    People (WRONGLY) accuse people of cheating for one of those two reasons. Not talking about people that have legitimate claims. Insecurity is pretty obvious as to why. But, I've noticed that people like to start pulling the cheating accusations out around the time they they're starting to be unfaithful themselves