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Why is my ex boyfriend hiding his feelings from me?

My ex boyfriend didn't wish me on my birthday. Could it mean he doesn't care anymore or is he just too shy to admit he still have feeling for me?I... Show More

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  • He is probably hiding his feelings. You just need to go and find out yourself.

  • Hello there. I am Daniel. I'm a comedy writer but have been married twice and have 4 sisters!

    It could be TWO things. Your ex sounds vulnerable. You don't specify why you broke up?

    Men who are sensitive usually have a deep seated reason for being sensitive. The best thing is to go over every detail you remember about him and try to remember what made him react in conversations. Did he react when you talked of his family? Childhood? School life? In all of his thoughts there will be the REASON he appears detached. It sounds to me he can't give out his love easily for some reason? He is afraid? Afraid of what though. If you love him then arrange a quiet meeting with him. If you can have a tender conversation with him without being pushy you may find what he's buried deep down.

    As for your birthday, he seems to want your attention! Have you gone about him the wrong way in the past? Maybe he is DYING to speak about deep feelings but it just hasn't come out yet?

    You don't say if you had a physical relationship. If you have been as intimate as two people can get then that intimacy is another clue. Ask yourself HOW he is in that respect, does he like romance etc. Hope you will let me know an update. laosandburma@gmail.com I'm happy to give out answers where possible.

    • I added you as friend and I'll tell you more about our r'ship.

    • Yes sure.

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