Should I break up with my fiancé? He has cheated more then 5 times.

I am 25 and a mother of two... My fiancé has cheated in me since I got pregnant 3 years ago.. Well to what I knew that's when he started. I found out after my daughter was he had a child who was only two months older than my daughter.. Which he didn't know about because the women thought it was her partners child and it turned not be and that's when she came for him but this was the women I found out when I was pregnant... Needless to say trusting him was a problem and we struggled.. He cheated more times and I tried to keep together because of our baby... He then changed and was completely devoted to me and we had baby number two.. He loves his children more than anything in the world ... I have some signs that he has once again cheated or had the intent to cheat.. It's been five years ... I need a man option on how he can tell me he loves me and he takes care of me and yet still cheat? Please I know I sound bad but I have two babies and it's so hard to walk away..


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  • First off, probably yes, because more than likely he'll just keep doing it. Second, your fiance does not love your children because if he did he would not be endangering them to a future of having a single parent. Three, if he loves you he would not cheat. I feel for you but I fear that staying with him will only bring you misery. For the sake of your children I'd give him one more chance, but he is the one that has to want to change, you can't do it for him.

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  • If he's willing to go to marriage counselling and really work it, then maybe you can forgive him and get past this. If he isn't willing to do that, then he doesn't really care, and you should leave him and move on.

  • Second time was too many! A lot of guys are needy and feed their egos by bedding women..

  • you should've dumped his ass a long time ago. cheating once isn't acceptable and he's cheated more than 5? ridiculous.


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  • If you don't have honesty and trust in your relationship then you are going to be miserable. I understand that you want to keep a family with him, but is that worth your happiness? The fact that he's cheated so many times before, and possibly now again just shows that he is not committed to you, or a devoted father. By all means let him see his children and be a part of their lives, but don't stay with him. You're only going to draw out your misery and it will be that much harder to get back on your feet later. Sorry :(

  • Nope. I'm sorry but most likely it will not work out. One if he cheats a lot then he will not change.clearly something is wrong in your relationship, he is a good father? That's great because his kids will always be able to count on him. But you can't don't waste your youth, your beauty, your energy on someone who is not willing to do the same. We are almost the same age I have two children my husband is an excellent father but for a while he was not a good partner. I decided to file for divorce it was the most difficult thing I could have ever done. We love each other a lot we have failed each other in the past. But when I filed I realize that I owe this to my kids specially having a little girl I thought of her because if for some reason she ever went through anything like this. She would be strong and see that marriage is not about women keeping it together but a partnership...equality. my husband and I were able to work out our differences and we always keep good communication. Trust is hard to recover. I've been on both ends of the stick. So it takes a lot from both...your babies, I know its hard to walk away, but that is a risk you have to take because they will grow up and be in relationships they will understand. Or do you want them to grow up and see you cry and suffer (emotionally) and one day give you a hard time and asking why didn't you leave.