Should I break up with my fiancé? He has cheated more then 5 times.

I am 25 and a mother of two... My fiancé has cheated in me since I got pregnant 3 years ago.. Well to what I knew that's when he started. I found out after my daughter was he had a child who was only two months older than my daughter.. Which he didn't know about because the women thought it was her... Show More

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  • First off, probably yes, because more than likely he'll just keep doing it. Second, your fiance does not love your children because if he did he would not be endangering them to a future of having a single parent. Three, if he loves you he would not cheat. I feel for you but I fear that staying with him will only bring you misery. For the sake of your children I'd give him one more chance, but he is the one that has to want to change, you can't do it for him.