My ex boyfriend broke up with me, why hasn't he changed his status on fb?

My boyfriend broke up with me on Tuesday saying " sometimes he is happy with me and sometimes he just want to be alone" said he was concerned that after a month he wasn't in love with me. He still hasn't changed his status onfacebok that still reads we are in a relationship with my profile linked to his. He hasn't called but I refuse to call him since he left me. He is the one breaking up with me , should he change his status to single already? He is a Facebook addict, I know he logs on like 5 times a day. It is going to hurt when he finally changes it, but I am preparing myself for it.

I did all I could to be a good girlfriend and it wasn't enough so I won't call him. If he says he doesn't want me, there isn't anything ic an do about it. Calling and crying seems pretty pathetic.

I would call him question him about it but I feel like I have done enoughbeing the good girlfriend. He went from saying lets work it out, to lets break up 2 weeks ago, to I don't know if I want a relationship, to this. I don't want to hurt anymore...He went from being insanley obsessed with me and calling 3 times a day to this, haven't spoken in nearly a week. He will hopefully change it soon, I have tried talking to him, it just a waste of time.


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  • Did he say he was breaking up with you because he is happy sometimes and sometimes he isn't? Or did he just say that sometimes he's happy and sometimes he isn't? If it's the latter, he could very well not think he's broken up with you and just made you aware of his feelings.