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My ex boyfriend broke up with me, why hasn't he changed his status on fb?

My boyfriend broke up with me on Tuesday saying " sometimes he is happy with me and sometimes he just want to be alone" said he was concerned that... Show More

I would call him question him about it but I feel like I have done enoughbeing the good girlfriend. He went from saying lets work it out, to lets break up 2 weeks ago, to I don't know if I want a relationship, to this. I don't want to hurt anymore...He went from being insanley obsessed with me and calling 3 times a day to this, haven't spoken in nearly a week. He will hopefully change it soon, I have tried talking to him, it just a waste of time.

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  • Did he say he was breaking up with you because he is happy sometimes and sometimes he isn't? Or did he just say that sometimes he's happy and sometimes he isn't? If it's the latter, he could very well not think he's broken up with you and just made you aware of his feelings.

What Guys Said 2

  • I think maybe he needs a break before dating. or maybe he is sparing your feelings. Some men don't check Facebook that often either. My advice focus on you. Don't make your self feel sick with over thinking it... I always say if someone wants to leave goodbye there are to many other good people who will want you!

    • he's on every minute. when we dated he checked it religously and has changed his profile picture 3 times this week. Spare my feelings, he told me all of this through text...not like he was a gentleman and broke it off in person. He came right out bluntly and said " sometimes I am happy with you sometimes I just wanna be alone"

    • Cut him loose... Find a man who wants you and respects you. He isn't treating you right so let him go in your heart.

  • Maybe he doesn't think it's that important to change.

What Girls Said 4

  • You could change your status to single or just put it like that so nothing is visible. I don't have my status on Facebook. Maybe he isn't sure if he really wants to break up with you, like you said sometimes he's happy with you. Did he say you actually broke up or does he need some time to think about your relationship?

    • no telling. He has changed his mind so many times in the last 3 weeks. Starting out the convo he said he didn't know, then he wanted to be friends. The day before the breakup he said he felt like we needed time apart.

    • So he's kinda keeping you hanging until he knows for sure? If he's havin his doubts now already, what's that gonna be in a year? What if he still thinks "he doesn't feel it"? It's not fair to leave you in this situation, you don't know what's going on. He should be clear on if you're still together or not. If I were you, I'd make the situation clear. Let him know that you would appreciate to know if you're still together or not. If he doesn't answer or says no: OK, clear, you're done.

    • If he says he wants you back, great! You can work things out. But if he's all: oh I don't know, I need more time. Ugh, well, tough luck. You shouldn't stick around waiting for him to make up his mind.

  • Don't overthink it. A Facebook status doesn't say anything if he broke up with you. If he wanted you to be together again, he should have enough balls to ask you upfront. It will be hard getting over a relationship, but much less painful than chasing a dead one. Keep strong :)

  • I think he doesn't no what he wonts if I was you I'd call him out on the status just nicely say I no you have been on fb and you haven't changed your relationship status yet what's with that write it in a pm on fb so you don't have to hey his voice because that could just bring on the water works good luck hunni

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