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After over a year, ex girlfriend contacts me to come over for a favor.

So, my ex ended our relationship over a year ago. We've loosely kept in contact. Once every two months or so we might have a short text convo. Just... Show More

Forgot to mention, when she contacted me to ask, we spent a few hours on the phone catching up. There were some halfass apologies from both of us. Was the first time we'd spoken about our past relationship. She started the apologies, and also briefly asked about my dating life. Most of the convo was catching up on the last year.

Also, she isn't hurting financially, hiring someone to do the install would be much more than a dinner anyway.

Not sure if this helps.
Damnit...install would NOT cost much more than dinner.

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  • It's an excuse to get you back and to reconnect on a deeper level...

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  • it can be an excuse and it can't be at the same time. that saying about buying you dinner is somehow inviting but maybe she is just need a hand or who knows... everyone has needs. but if it's no problem for you , then go and see what she really has in mind then you can react properly.

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