My (ex)boyfriends brother got involved with

My boyfriend broke up with me about a few days ago, and I met his brother about a month ago at a basketball game and we had a good conversation..but that was all I associated with him. He sent me a message on Facebook, and apologized for his brother being fool. He asked me all of what happened between us, and what lead up to our split. My ex bfs brother dated a close friend of mine a couple years ago, and he had this plan to tell my ex boyfriend that she told my ex bfs brother to knock sense into him. So he called my ex boyfriend, and he told me he got"mom blocked". So he told me he that somehow he'd get into his brothers thick skull...but if he couldnt, he was sorry, and his brother is stupid and a douche.

Why would he care enough to go through so much trouble? I'm a little confused.

thank you!