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My (ex)boyfriends brother got involved with breakup..help?

My boyfriend broke up with me about a few days ago, and I met his brother about a month ago at a basketball game and we had a good conversation..but... Show More

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  • not sure what you are saying here,did his brother lie to your boyfriend about something? he is a jealous mf who doesn't want to see his brother happy,and your boyfriend is an idiot for not talking with you about it and just jumping to conclusions,let them date each other then.

    • no, he never lied to him.

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    • I do now,well its probably because he realized after meeting u,hiow wonderful you are and how stupid his douche bag brother was for messing up probably the best thing he will ever have,exs brother probably wishes he had been your man,he would have treated you differently I'm sure.

    • yeah, my ex is the fairyland, cynical, worrier who plays SO much pokemon and just so many video games in general. that makes sense! I was practically the only "real" thing he's ever had.

      Thank you so much for your help! :)

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